TCG Boost

TCG Boosts are special "coupons" received through TCG games, events & activities which help "boost" or change the prizes and benefits you receive at the TCG. Below are the various Boosts at Champion and the rules for using each of them. Please read the General Rules & specific use cases for each Boost before using them!

General Rules

Arcade Boost

How to Use: Activate your boost below. If you win a game, hit the "back button" on your browser and play it again to receive your second set of prizes. (Do not refresh the page, it will give you the same cards!)

Point Boost

How to Use: Activate your boost below. For every game you win that week, double your points. (Example: If I get 1 charm, 1 ambition, with the boost I will instead have 2 charm, 2 ambition.)

Converter Boost

How to Use: Activate your boost below. You may change any 8 points you own into a trait of your choice. (Example: If I have 8 charm points, I can change them to 8 knowledge points, or 4 knowledge points and 4 strength points. The combo is up to you.) Please log the change of points in your Activity Log. Ex: TCG Boost (Converter Boost Activated): Changed 8 charm points to 8 knowledge points.

Pull Boost

How to Use: In the update, please state that you are using an Pull Boost and you may take an extra pull. This can be from any deck, meaning that you are allowed to use it to take two cards from a single deck.

Donation Boost

How to Use: Submit your additional Odd Job (or Deck Claim, at the forum) for the month, with notice that you are using a Donation Boost. Deck donations will carry over and expire just like any other donation, so if you are going to use your boost make sure you submit your donation on time!

Shop Boost

How to Use: Please note in your purchase that you've activated a Shop Boost. You may purchase up to 4 choice cards that week at the Point Exchange.

Activate Your Boost

You are welcome to use the boost as soon as you send activiation! You will only receive an e-mail back from me if I notice you have used it incorrectly. Not all boosts need to be activated here, so if it is not listed in this form you need to read above to see how to activate your boost.