Champion Staff

Below are all the people who keep Champion TCG running! If you'd like to know who is in charge of what here at the TCG, you can find that information here. If you're a staff member, please take your Weekly Paycheck on Thursdays during game udpates!

Creator & Owner: Aku

I'm Aku, and I own and run Champion TCG! :3 I've been involved in online TCGs for years on and off, and have run many J-music TCGs such as Juusan and Countdown. Shounen Jump anime have always been my passion and it's also been fun to learn about SJ titles I'm not as familiar with through the TCG! I'm very friendly, so please don't be afraid to get in touch with me if you need to!

Forum Game Masters: Mousey, Cami & Kibumie

Mousey, Cami, & Kibumie manhandle the games over at the forums! They are three wonderful gals & great pals of mine, so they'll be sure to take care of you and your prizes over at the forum games. :3 Don't be afraid to ask them any questions via PM at the forums if you have concerns about the games over there!