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Welcome to the Santa Shop! The Santa Shop is a limited time shop specifically for traders participating in our Secret Santa event. (Aka, if you aren't already signed up for this event, you can't shop here! Sorry!) Here, you can exchange Santa Points for prizes to send to your trader's gift box. The form for submitting your points is at the bottom of the page!

Deck Bundles

Exchange Santa Points x50 for a package of 8 random cards from a Jump Series of your choice--please include the series of your choice in the form. (The series must have more than 4 decks in the TCG to be able to create a Bundle.)

Series Bundle (Example: Haikyuu!!)

Santa Points x50

Exchange Santa Points x50 for a package of 8 random cards from a Trait of your choice--please include the trait of your choice in the form. Great gift for traders who simply want some random cards!

Trait Bundle (Example: Charm)

Santa Points x50

Weekly Shounen Jump

Exchange Santa Points x80 for a Weekly Shounen Jump featuring your favorite characters and Shounen Jump series gracing the cover of this TCG's favorite weekly manga! These are limited edition Christmas items, and based on their popularity during this event, may or may not stick around in 2015. Grab 'em while you can!

WSJ 1986 / #1-2
Saint Seiya

WSJ 1993 / #02
Dragon Ball

WSJ 1993 / #18
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken

WSJ 1993 / #30
Yuu Yuu Hakusho

WSJ 1995 / #48
Slam Dunk

WSJ 1996 / #10
Rurouni Kenshin

WSJ 2001 / #17

WSJ 2001 / #50
Hikaru no Go

WSJ 2001 / #18
Tennis no Oujisama

WSJ 2003 / 418
Shaman King

WSJ 2005 / #52
One Piece

WSJ 2006 / #48
Eyeshield 21

WSJ 2006 / #31

WSJ 2008 / #09

WSJ 2008 / #39

WSJ 2008 / #45

WSJ 2008 / #47
Katekyou Hitman Reborn!

WSJ 2009 / #52

WSJ 2011 / #40
Sket Dance

WSJ 2012 / #12

WSJ 2012 / #52
Shokugeki no Souma

WSJ 2013 / #08

WSJ 2013 / #52

WSJ 2014 / #39
Kuroko no Basuke


Below are the usual Champion vouchers--now purchasable only for this event! If your trader's wishlist is a little unclear, and you'd like to give your trader the gift of choice, these are a great way to go! XD

1 Choice Card

Santa Points x200

1 Support Koma

Santa Points x50

1 Sidekick Koma

Santa Points x100

1 Hero Koma

Santa Points x300

1 Jump Star

Santa Points x300

Game Boosts

If your trader is a newer trader, maybe you'd like to boost their prizes! Check out these "Game Boosts" for ways to help level up your trader & their collection! Each boost has specific ways to help your trader out. (Only one boost can be used per week, more information about how to use these will be posted once these prizes go out!)

Arcade Boost (1 Week)
Boost your prizes at the Arcade for 1 week by receiving 2 cards + 1 point extra for every game won during that week.

Santa Points x60

Double Points (1 Week)
Boost your Jump Points at the Arcade for 1 week by receiving double points for every game won during that week.

Santa Points x60

Point Converter (5 Games)
For up to five games you play at the Arcade, this boost converts any Jump Points you win into traits of your choice.

Santa Points x60

Extra Pull (1 Week)
Take one extra card from the new decks during weekly updates (the one card per deck rule still applies).

Santa Points x60

Jump Point Exchange

Santa Points x5 = Knowledge x1

Want to grab your trader some extra Jump Points? Every 5 santa points equals 1 Jump Point. You are welcome to exchange your santa points for any jump points of your choice with this conversion rate!

Exchange Your Points!

I have included 5 slots for you to enter in five different items, but they are not all required so only fill out as many as you need! If your request exceeds more than that, you will need to submit another form.

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