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In this section of the Jump Shop, you can exchange the points you earn in the TCG for cards! If you're unsure of the combinations you can use to earn cards, I've listed the different ones below. Please read over them carefully to make sure you're submitting correctly. The form for submitting your points is at the bottom of the page!

Basic Point Matching

20 MATCH *

20 points of a trait will earn you 1 choice card from any character under that trait. (In this case, you'd get 1 choice card from any decks featuring a Charm character or theme.)


If you have a Choice Card Voucher earned from games or activities, you can exchange it here for any Character or Theme card of your choice.


A Jump Star Voucher can be exchanged here for a special holographic card! You can request an existing Jump Star card or nominate a character of your own. Simply include your choice in the form.

* Notice: You may exchange for up to 3 choice cards per week. (Ex: You can exchange 20 points and 2 choice vouchers at maximum.)

Grab Bag!

Need to get rid of some random points you're not planning on using? Try your luck at the Grab Bag and exchange any 10 random points for 5 random cards! You can use the Grab Bag once a week.

Monthly Bundles

Monthly bundles are a random pack of cards that feature a particular set of decks! We feature a new set of bundles every month. You can buy up to one bundle per week.


Spring 2016 Anime bundle includes Boku no Hero Academia, JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken, Naruto, One Piece, Dragon Ball, Ansatsu Kyoushitsu, & Yu-Gi-Oh! There will be no differentiation based on seasons. (Ex: Other JoJo parts will also be included in this bundle, not just Part 4.)

Exchange Your Points!

There are slots for each item in the Jump Shop, but they are not all required so only fill out the slots that you need!! Please list the item you wish to purchase, followed by the amount you will spend. (Example: Point Exchange - "garden02 (20 charm)".

Trade Post URL:

Point Matching:
Jump Star Request?: *

* If you are requesting a new character, please include any additional notes / possible images I could use here.
Grab Bag:
Monthly Bundle:

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