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Welcome to the Merchandise Shop! Here, you can exchange points you've earned in the TCG for special collector's items. To purchase items you see here, submit your form at the bottom of the page! Man of these items are limited quantity, and once sold out, may or may not be featured in the store again. Grab your favorites while you can!

Weekly Shounen Jump

Exchange 15 Points for a Weekly Shounen Jump cover featuring your favorite characters and Shounen Jump series! Choose from any of your favorite series, or send in an image if you'd like a custom cover made. Click the link below to view our full gallery!

Browse our Complete Collection.

Blind Box Gachapon Figures!

Exchange 15 Points of your choice for a random Gachapon figure! We will feature a new set every month, and there will be 1 extra rare figure per set: this figure features a gold border and patterned background! Collect them all or cross your fingers and pray to the RNG gods for the figure you desire! These figures are tradable, so feel free to trade with friends in the TCG to get the figure you want.

Naruto Gachapon - Until April 28
To purchase and open a Gachapon Figure, please click here.

Exchange Your Points!

I have included 5 slots for you to enter in five different items, but they are not all required so only fill out as many as you need! If your request exceeds more than that, you will need to submit another form.

If you'd like to make a request for a magazine, please include a link to a high quality image of the Jump cover you desire. The points will always be matched to the character on the cover. (Example: Gintoki is Laughter, so a cover featuring Gintoki is 15 points.) If you aren't sure, send me the image and I will assign points to it myself.

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