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The randomizer is to be used by staff only, unless you have been directed to take cards here otherwise. Please do not save any cards from the randomizer!!

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[deck]defensive02[/deck] [deck]muaythai06[/deck] [deck]doctor12[/deck] [deck]scythe20[/deck] [deck]hyorinmaru09[/deck] [deck]gungi19[/deck] [deck]athena01[/deck] [deck]elementalhero14[/deck] [deck]dekorin20[/deck] [deck]ikemen08[/deck] [deck]tobiume10[/deck] [deck]copycat03[/deck] [deck]nenthreads13[/deck] [deck]scarleteyes04[/deck] [deck]dekorin04[/deck] [deck]babylon16[/deck] [deck]sukonbu14[/deck] [deck]dokun09[/deck] [deck]zabimaru01[/deck] [deck]itako19[/deck]