Profile: Red


Name: Red
Status: Active
Level: Level 10
URL: http://
Collecting: blueappli
Birthday: Apr

Mastered: enforcer, dosbancho, sweettooth, inspector, lovestruck, foulplay, assassin, korosenai, jouigajoy, kioku, kiheitai, professional, beauty, bikini, mayora, tsukkomi, dragonlord, poolparty, ikemen, pharaoh, occult, sukonbu, mana, faintsmile, controller, stardust, razor, theworld, anego, boku, copycat


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Literally the only two series I care about on this site are original Yu-Gi-Oh and Ansatsu Kyoshitsu ;_; Basically attempting to champion all assclass decks! Let's see how long I can keep this up...