Player's Guide

The following information is a detailed rundown of everything that’s unique to Champion as a TCG. Read this to learn about or brush up on the rules! If you’re just starting out in the TCG world and would like help in regards to that, please check out our TCG Newbie Guide.

Card Types

There are various card types at Champion--currently, all cards are worth 1 no matter the type, with the exception of member cards, which have no value.

Character Decks: Are Champion's main card type. They feature artwork of Shounen Jump characters and consist of 20 cards. They are worth 1.

Theme Decks: Themed decks can be anything from “pictures of heroes with manga meat” to “characters with glasses”. The TCG runs a monthly donation for these decks at Pirates Club, so participate in the fun! These are also worth 1.

Member Cards: Member Cards are given to you upon joining the TCG. They have no value, but you can trade them with others for fun, and see how many traders you've interacted with!

Event Cards: Event cards are worth 1 and come out on special TCG/holiday occasions! You'll be able to grab them in the updates when they are released.

Jump Star Cards: The Jump Star Collection is a special "holographic" deck at the TCG, earned by traders during events or contests. Each character has one card in the deck, and can be nominated by any trader who receives a voucher. Jump Stars are worth 1.

Champion / Master: Each deck has two types of mastery badges: the Champion badge and the Mastery badge. The Champion badge goes to the trader who masters the deck first. All following traders will receive the normal Mastery badge. (If that trader were to leave the TCG, it would be forfeit, and handed down to the trader who mastered it after them if there is one.)

Earning Cards

Probably the most important thing in TCGs is earning cards. The more cards you have, the more you have to offer in your trades with other players. Here are a few ways to earn cards at Champion TCG:

➊ Starter Pack: Your Starter Pack will include 2 cards of choice, 6 random cards, and 1 Jump Point of each trait (5 total). It will also include your member card + Champion Deck banner.
➋ Games: Champion has a variety of game rotations that are updated weekly at the Arcade, they are the primary way traders will earn cards.
➌ Donation: The TCG is always in need of a helping hand: you can take a job at the Odd Jobs and see how you can earn some cards, and help out the TCG at the same time!
➍ Holidays/Birthdays: Event cards and other prizes will be given out on special holidays, as well as your birthday! On their birthday, every trader will receive 5 random cards, 2 choice cards & a 2-Tier Koma Voucher.
➎ Leveling Up: When you level up, you’ll earn 4 random cards, 1 choice card + 3 Jump Points. Upon reaching Level 10, you will receive a Jump Star Voucher!
➏ Mastering: Mastering a deck will earn you 4 random cards, 1 choice card + 3 Jump Points. If you get the first mastery, you will receive the Champion Badge for that deck.
➐ Member Referral: If a member lists you as a referrer, you’ll be sent 3 random cards + 2 Jump Points + 1 Gacha Roll Voucher, so pimp this TCG to all your buddies!


Below are the ten different levels at Champion TCG. When you level up, go to the Level Up form in your Member Panel and fill out the form to receive your prizes.

Level 1001-100
Level 2101-200
Level 3201-300
Level 4301-400
Level 5401-500
Level 6501-600
Level 7601-700
Level 8701-800
Level 9801-900
Level 10901-1000



Champion’s form of currency are Jump Points, featuring the different values of Shounen Jump characters. These are five different natures that Jump characters are often recognized for: Ambition, Charm, Knowledge, Laughter and Strength! You’ll earn them in games and activities.

Each character in the TCG is assigned under a particular trait. (For example: Goku is recognized for his Strengh, Bulma is known for her Knowledge, and Master Roshi is known to bring Laughter.) You can trade in your points in a variety of ways at the Jump Shop to earn cards, or to save up specific points to buy koma for your champion deck! Jump Points are non-tradable.


Jump Vouchers, are given out on special occasions like holidays, birthdays or as prizes for special events. They can be redeemed for freebies at the Jump Shop.

TCG Boosts are coupons that give additional benefits for the TCG. They are given out on special occasions like holidays, birthdays or as prizes for special events. They can be activated the Arcade.

Champion Deck

The Champion Deck is Champion TCG’s mini-game, for those traders who are craving more than just the usual TCG. It is completely optional, but exists for people who are into curating their own deck and “claiming” their favorite Jump heroes! Below is a sample of a completed champion deck..

Get the HTML code for the Champion Deck here.

You can use the rewards earned from participating in the TCG to build and customize your "Champion Deck”. If you’ve seen member decks in other TCGs, it works very similarly, except with a Shounen Jump twist! The Champion Deck is shaped like a manga page and works like a puzzle deck. Traders can use their earnings to buy koma (panels) in the Jump Store to fill the spaces on their page with their favorite champions. The deck itself is not tradable amongst other traders and will not appear in the randomizer at all, nor do the cards count towards your card count. It is purely for fun & collective competition.

There are three types of koma the trader can purchase at the Jump Store, each with a different level of exclusivity:

Hero Koma / Tier 1 Koma (ex: Luffy, Zoro) are four to eight squares large and are first come, first serve. They can be requested at the Jump Store. Once a user claims a character for their Hero Koma, only they will be able to use that character for their Hero Koma. No other trader can claim that character unless the original user decides to sell, trade, or forfeit it. Traders are limited to two Hero Koma per deck.

Sidekick Koma / Tier 2 Koma (ex: Shirahoshi, Brook) are two to three squares large. They can be requested at the Jump Store.

Support Koma / Tier 3 Koma (ex: Nami, Usopp, Chopper) are one square large. These are available in the store at all times and never sell out. If there is a character you’d like on a Support Koma that isn’t in the store, you can request for it at the Jump Store.

Traders are welcome to rearrange and remove koma from their Champion Deck at any time. As of right now, traders will be limited to making ONE Champion Deck per trader, but there is always the possibility that traders could earn more in the future. :)