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Ready to get started? Please read carefully over our rules before joining the TCG! Once you've read over them, feel free to submit your application!

01. Read through our Player's Guide so you understand the basics of the TCG before you begin participating/receiving your cards.

02. A valid e-mail address and website are required to trade, receive & post cards. Please be detailed in your activity logs.

03. Use a realistic name or nickname. If your name is already taken on the member list, please add a number or change your name.

04. Only one membership is allowed per person. Do not cheat by refreshing the randomizer or taking cards without actually receiving them! This TCG is highly competitive & takes cheating very seriously. MyTCG logs all activity and will be able to tell if you are cheating.

05. You are welcome to take cards from the most recent update, but please do not take cards from updates posted prior to that one.

06. We are a Shounen Jump focused TCG, which means all decks are from manga licensed under the JUMP line of magazines. We will only accept decks that fall under this brand. We also under no circumstance allow the usage of fanart in our games, cards, or merch items, so please do not submit fanart to this TCG.

07. Last but not least, be respectful and kind to your fellow traders as well as myself, and anyone on staff--be it through e-mail or forum interaction! Let's all have fun together and uphold the standards of Shounen Jump: Friendship, Effort & Victory!

Come Join Us!

Please make sure you have read both the Player's Guide and Rules above before submitting a form. I will need to activate your account before you can begin participating in the TCG.

You will automatically receive your Starter Pack via this form, I will reply to your form via e-mail with your Champion Deck Banner & Member Card, please be patient!

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