Prejoin is open!

posted by Aku on 31 Jul 2014   //   comments (14)

Hey all! Get out your party poppers, because Champion's Prejoin gates are officially OPEN and ready for lift off! For starters, we are starting off Prejoin with a whopping 22 traders! I had no idea that this TCG would get that much attention right off the bat, so thanks to everyone who's joined us so far. <3 I'm really excited for what's to come, and we're already off to a great start! To all prejoiners, you're welcome to take the event card & my member card below. (Consider it your first member card trade! :3)

Donations: Cami, Chiisai, Jessica, Kibumie & Mina sent in some beautiful badges, so you guys have a lot of lovely choices for your Trading Post already! Deck donations which you'll see below are from Ayay (Mamiya & Rei), Chiisai (Grimmjow), Jessica (Kurumu) & Mina (Mashiro & Akito).

New Decks: Since our last update, I've gone crazy making decks and added 24--now totaling 81 decks for the launch! :3 There's a lot to choose from, and a lot more to come. Please do not take any cards from this update (we'll start with freebies next week!), but here's a peek at what's happened since you last saw the deck list. :)

Games: Set A & Monthly Activities are up for you to play! Please wait until you've received your Starter Pack and been moved out of the Prejoin list before you begin playing. Traders with a birthday in July, please take your birthday prizes before the month ends! Deck Builder will start in August--if anyone has any fun ideas for a themed deck we can all work on for the first round, post it in the comments! :)

Jump Shop: Not quite fleshed out yet! I figured you guys wouldn't be making too many purchases in the first week though, so I promise there will be more to buy at the Support / Sidekick shops in the coming weeks!

I think that's it for now! As of now, all starter packs have been sent out, so if you didn't receive yours, let me know ASAP! As this is the first time you'll all be exploring the site, please be wary of errors or mistakes you find and report them at the forum to help me out! I also apologize ahead of time for any blunders. XD With luck, we'll be running like a well-oiled machine soon enough. Thanks for your patience, and see you around this week!

P.S. To the traders whose Champion Deck name banner I goofed up, my apologies for the blunder. ;__; Nothing more embarrassing than having to e-mail back 22 people and fix your mistake!

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