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posted by Aku on 20 Aug 2014   //   comments (27)

I apologize ahead of time that this update is probably less sparkly than it should be, but welcome to the Grand Opening of Champion! XD We're no longer going to be in Prejoin mode, so the training wheels are officially off! We did hit some milestones along the way, so here are some event cards & freebies to celebrate the opening:

I want to start this update by saying thank you so much to each and every one of you for your patience these past few weeks: that's what that choice card up there is for. I really appreciate the support you guys gave me through e-mail and the forums while I was out of town & dealing with difficult times. I'm stoked to have such a loving TCG family & look forward to moving forward towards the future with all of you. <3

New Members: Evey, Robin, & Whimsy--welcome to the family!

Level Ups: Congrats to Roax for being the first trader to reach Level 2! Kula & Renako leveled up this week as well--I think a lot of you are going to follow suit this week, so my inbox is prepared. XD

New Decks: I got started TODAY tackling our massive upcoming decks list--and I put a pretty good dent in it! But I didn't quite finish them all. The remaining decks will be up next week, promise! Meanwhile, thanks to all of you who donated these decks below! Everyone is welcome to take 4 cards from the decks below, no more than 1 per deck please!

Deck Donation Reminder: Just a friendly reminder because I ran into this a few times working on decks today: Please double check your donations for duplicates before submitting them. It helps me out if you catch it before I do so I don't need to look up extra images when I start working on your donation. Remember, these are not just random images you are submitting for prizes, they are images meant to create quality decks for the TCG. I am entrusting part of the TCG to you when you submit deck images, so look over your donation carefully and make sure they are of high quality & variety so that the deck will be too! Thanks guys! :3

Duplicate Deck Fixes: Speaking of duplicate oops: Airwalk 10 & Airwalk 18 featured the same image of Kagami, and Mugen 01 & Mugen 13 the same of Kanda. If you have the previous version of Airwalk 18 or Mugen 13, please update it:

Games: Weekly Games Set B are updated at the Arcade!

Affiliates: We're now affiliated with Cami's Aesthetic, for all you bishounen lovers out there! ;3

I think that about sums up this week's updates! I'm so happy to be home & have time to work on the TCG again. <3 Hoping to have a new rotation of games (Set C) next week, as well as koma for the Jump Shop, and the remainder of the Upcoming Decks. We will most likely be holding a discussion about the TCG at Pirates Club, so please check that out sometime this week if you're interested in leaving some feedback about your experience as a Prejoiner. I'd love to hear from all of you! Have a great week, and happy trading!

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