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posted by Aku on 28 Aug 2014   //   comments (26)

This is gonna be a pretty lengthy update because a lot changed this week, so please read through this carefully! For starters though, we had our first mastery this week! :3 Please take this event card.

Revamped Currency: For those of you who don't follow the forum, I revamped our currency this week and we will no longer be using the Jump Tickets. There are a few reasons for this, but the main problems recognized by both myself & traders during the prejoin phase were:

• The system is easily exploited. Trading in series tickets for cards means that series with less decks will make it easier for traders to get the cards they want.
• People are having a hard time collecting tickets they want due to the sheer number of tickets, (Currently 37 and growing) and it's much harder for popular series.
• The currency is not static--more tickets are added every time someone donates a new series, which means it will just become more difficult to properly circulate the tickets.
• It's cumbersome for you & me to keep track of 37+ different kind of tickets. XD

Our new currency will be Jump Points: featuring the different values of Shounen Jump characters. These are five different natures that Jump characters are often recognized for: Ambition, Charm, Knowledge, Laughter & Strength! You can read more about them in our Player's Guide. A lot has been updated on the site according to this: information pages, game prizes, donation rewards, etc, so just be aware of it while you play the game. I will be converting your old Jump Tickets to Points on the forum, so please visit this thread so you can exchange your old currency as we will not be using it any longer.

New Members: Angel & Michele--welcome to the family!

Masteries: The TCG's first mastery goes to Renako, who is now the Champion of Dark Boots! Congrats Renako!

Level Ups: Congrats to Ayay, Bloo, Cami, Chiisai, Elysa, Fable, Jane, Jun, Kibumie, Lacey, Lethe & Mousey who made it to Level 2 this week!

New Decks: Just a few new decks this week since I was quite swamped revamping the currency system & Jump Shop. Thanks for the donations below, guys! Everyone is welcome to take 2 cards from the decks below, no more than 1 per deck please.

Games: The new Weekly Games Set C are up at the Arcade! Also, those of you born in August please remember this is the last week to take your Birthday Rewards. Anyone who wants to donate to our Deck Builder activity, please also do so this week as I will complete the deck for next week's update!

Jump Shop: The Jump Shop is revamped & open for business, now using our new Jump Points! The Koma currently featured are Ao no Exorcist and Dragon Ball, and I will be rotating in new Koma every few weeks from here on out so you guys have something to spend your points on, and can start building those Champion Decks! :)

Affiliates: For any of you League of Legends fans, check out Jessica's Summoner's Rift (and refer Aku if you join! :3)

Thanks for all your help this past week, everyone! For those of you who commented on our Prejoin Feedback Thread at the forum (before this update! :P), feel free to take the freebies from this page and leave a comment here with what you got!

I made a Patch Note Update at the forum, for those of you who want to check out a more extended version of our updates that also covers game changes and errors. With our currency revamped & our shop launched, we should be running a lot smoother from here on out! Until next week, happy trading everyone! <3

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