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posted by Aku on 04 Sep 2014   //   comments (29)

The TCG finally feels like it's running like a well-oiled machine! No surprises this update, but a quick reminder to anyone who missed last week's update to please go read it, because we changed our currency system last week. There will be more information on last week's update as to why and how to get yourself converted to the new currency. Thanks!

New Members: Julia & Ran, welcome to the family of Champions! :D <3

Masteries: Devil’s Book (Kula), Gunblaze (Kibumie), Mangaka (Fable), The World (Ashu). Congrats everyone on their masteries!

Level Ups: Congrats to Andrea, Ashu, Delphine, Mirai & Sumie who made it to Level 2 this week!

New Decks: Some of these are donations, and I also went a little crazy making decks this week! We also have our first "Themed Deck" from last month's Deck Builder theme: Pool Party. Themed cards are still worth 1, and can be mastered/have a trait just like normal decks. Everyone is welcome to take 4 cards from the decks below, no more than 1 per deck please.

Games: Weekly Games Set A & Monthly Games are updated at the Arcade (our maniac games have been tweaked a lil too)! We've also started a few new games at the forum, including a new Deck Builder for September, so please participate! September babies may also take their Birthday Rewards anytime this month.

Jump Shop: The Jump Shop has been updated with Katekyo Hitman Reborn! and Haikyuu!! koma. The bad news: since the point circulation is much better than ticket circulation, choice cards will now cost 15 points instead of 10. The good news: It was Labor Day this Monday in the US, so we're have a Labor Day Sidekick Sale at the Sidekick Shop: koma have been marked down by 5 points, so check it out! :3

Affiliates: Check out Loop--a cute anime op/ed TCG now in Prejoin phase!

Woohoo! Feels good to have such a simple update for once. XD I guess to end on a bit of question/discussion, there were a few traders asking me if it was possible if those who earned the Champion Badge could take the Master Badge as well. (In other words, the person who masters a deck first can take both badges--treating one as a regular master badge and the other as a sort of "badge of honor".) Personally, I don't have a problem with it if those traders want both badges, but I'm curious what you guys think! Should traders who master a deck first get to have both the Champion badge and Master badge if they desire?

Next week I'm hoping to introduce stamp cards of some form into the TCG, as well as some bi-weekly and/or forum games that will reward specific Jump points! (I should also mention that Kula helped out this week and made our Doubles Exchange form generate prize text now--lazy traders rejoice! :P) That's all for this week everyone! Happy trading. <3

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