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Hey everyone! Update wasn't quite as late as I expected... woohoo! ;D We got a looot to get to this month, so I'm going to jump right into it! First of all, let's catch up on event cards, since we haven't done that in awhile! I actually revamped these because the old template bugged me with how cramped it was & I thought they should be a little fancier. :) I hope that's okay with everyone! You're welcome to visit our Events Card page and update any of the old ones you own.

New Members: Adelicya, Liz, Maia, & Marge, welcome to the Champion family! <3

Masteries: Acrobatic (Elysa), Copycat (Cami), Faint Smile (Bloo), Guardian (Mousey), Hyorinmaru (Elysa), Irome (Bloo), Joui ga Joy! (Kula), Kioku (Bloo), Kira (Andrea), Kokuyo (Elysa), Masenko (Bloo), Mirai (Bloo), Mugen (Renako), Narukami (Elysa), Pride (Bloo), Wataame (Elysa)

Level Ups: (1→2) Angel (2→3) Chiisai, Mirai, Mousey (3→4) Lethe

New Decks: I had a lot of other things I updated this week, so I didn't get to as many decks as I wanted! However, the rest of the upcoming decks should be out next week. Since we have such a small deck release this week, we'll only have one pull! :(

Everyone is welcome to take 1 card from the decks above. Leave a comment with what you've taken, and do not take any cards after this update has passed. If I see you have taken cards without commenting or taken cards after the cut-off date I will ask you to remove them.

Games: Weekly Games Set B & Monthly Games are up at the Arcade! We have a few new games this week (Super Powers & Spot the Difference), as well as some new, larger activities: a Monthly Raffle and a Monthly Contest! So please check those out--it should be a lot of fun. :3 Forum games will be updated this week as well.

EDIT (10/02 5PM):It was brought to my attention that the Bi-Weekly Games are down this week: that is intentional. They are bi-weekly, meaning that they are meant to be played once every two weeks, and thus will appear in our arcade every other week. I'm not sure yet if this will change in the future, so please play the bi-weekly games when they are up! Thanks.

Jump Shop: The Jump Shop is seeing some changes this month. You will now be able to purchase custom koma at the Sidekick Shop. I will not be updating it this month with any "pre-made" koma just to do an experiment and see which way works better... so let me know your feedback! :) In addition, you will now also be able to make inquiries about points at the Hero Shop, in case the koma you want to buy is a character that's not part of our TCG yet. You will also notice some changes in the amount you can buy per week at the shop. Check it out if you're interested in all that!

Vouchers have also been updated one more time to make a little more sense! No more confusion with the 1T Koma, 2T Koma stuff. Feel free to replace the vouchers on your pages if you have any (these aren't freebies!)

Affiliates: We're now affiliated with Pairings! Go check them out. <3

I think that's about it! Even if it may not seem like a lot to you, this update was a lot of work and small things that needed to be changed, so I'm sure there are errors in some places or things that don't make sense. Please feel free to contact me via e-mail/forum if you find anything that needs fixing or clarification and I'll gladly answer! d( >_< )b Thanks for the help as always, everyone. I'll most likely be posting Patch Notes at the forum in a few days with further detail about some things that have changed at Champion over the course of the month, for those of you who want the full run-down. Also: the current prizes for the Contest & Monthly Raffle are not complete! :3 They're missing one more thing... that will be announced next week! #cliffhanger I hope to see a lot of participants!

WHEW! Okay, I'm out! Good luck & happy trading everybody!

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