Jump Ultimate Stars!

posted by Aku on 16 Oct 2014   //   comments (16)

Hi everyone! Got a bit of a small update today--on top of feeling ill last week I had a really rough weekend and unfortunately didn't get to focus on Champion too much. T_T I apologize both for our lack of new decks as well as the slow replies this week. On the bright side, this week I hope I can buckle down and focus so that next week you guys can have quite a few deck pulls! <3 For now, just focus on mastering all those old decks you're working on! :3

New Members: Mary, welcome to the Champion family! <3

Masteries: Bronco (Jane), Bungee Gum (Jane), Decoy (Delphine), Devil's Book (Jane), Fierce (Lethe), King (Fable), Rose Whip (Renako), Shunshin (Lethe), Sukiyaki (Sumie, Kibumie), Writer (Kibumie), X-Glove (Fable), XIII (Jane)

Hero Claims: Allen Walker (Renako), Hiruma Yoichi (Kula), Okumura Yukio (Kibumie), Piccolo (Mousey), Teresa (Bloo)

Level Ups: (1→2) Dan, Marge, Samichan (3→4) Andrea, Sloth (4→5) Elysa, Lethe

Games: Weekly Games Set A are up at the Arcade! Don't forget that Monthly Contest entries are due this week, by October 20th! C: We will start voting next week. On that note, I also want to announce our "special prize" for the contest as well as our 4th Raffle Ticket prize:

If you're a Countdown veteran, you may remember our holographic cards! I'm going to be bringing them back at Champion in the form of the Jump Stars deck! It's a special type of card that is super rare--it acts a bit like a TCG trophy--and can only be won through special events, contests, etc in the TCG. If you win one of these cards, you will be allowed to nominate a Jump character for the Jump Stars deck! That character will then have a card created for them--I will be choosing the images to upkeep the quality of the deck, but I may ask the nominator for suggestions if it's a character I'm not as familiar with! Traders who win a card in the future are allowed to either take an existing card, or nominate another character of their choice. There is no limit to how many traders can own a character's card, but for now each character will only have one card in the Jump Stars deck.

Hope that will motivate some of you to participate in our contest this month, as well as any future contests or events that we hold! :D The entries so far have been really fantastic. That's about it for our update today! Hoping next week will be better for me, and for any of you who are also going through a rough patch! Remember to keep your chin up and fight through the hard times like a Shounen Jump hero!

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