Happy Halloween!

posted by Aku on 30 Oct 2014   //   comments (42)

Hello everyone! And an early Happy Halloween to all of you! :3 Do you have any costume plans for tomorrow night? I'll probably be at home handing out candy, haha. This week was hell at Champion (for me, probably not you XD) so we got a lot happening this update! Let's go ahead and get started.

Masteries: Aries (Kula), Bungee Gum (Lethe), Chibisuke (Neo), Chi no Ou (Dohma), Copycat (Sumie), Dekorin (Lethe), Gold (Kula), Guardian (Bloo), Gunblaze (Angel), Itako (Elysa), Kakarot (Dohma), K’rik (Dohma), Kokuyo (Sumie), Kuro Ashi (Sloth), Lazuli (Bloo, Lethe), Magician (Sumie), Misamisa (Sumie), Nine Tails (Andrea), Pantera (Chiisai), Pharaoh (Dohma), Pool Party (Kula), President (Kibumie), Rebound (Neo), Retribution (Bloo), Room (Sumie), Scylla (Dohma), Shirafune (Andrea), Succubus (Mary), The World (Dohma), Wrath Flame (Melinda), Zangetsu (Andrea), Zebul (Sumie), Zone (Chiisai)

Hero Claims: Hibari Kyouya (Sumie), Monkey D. Luffy (Jane), Sugawara Koushi (xxing), Trafalgar Law (Maggie), Uzumaki Naruto (Chiisai)

Level Ups: (1→2) Liz, Maia, Ran, (2→3) Becca, xxing, (3→4) Dohma, (4→5) Cami, Fable, Sumie, (5→6) Lethe, (6→7) Kula

Games: Weekly Games Set C are up at the Arcade! The October Contest & Raffle have concluded for the month as well! Winning numbers for the Raffle have been announced on the Raffle Ticket page--if you have a matching ticket, please fill out a form on that page! :3 As for our monthly contest, here are the winning entries! Voting was really, really close this round... I think next month we'll have you guys choose your top 3 entries and not just 1.

The 2nd Runner Up is a two-way tie between Elysa's "Izumo" and Lethe's "Killua", each with 4 votes! Melinda's "Hisoka" is 1st Runner Up with 5 votes! And the Grand Prize goes to Bloo's "Bad Man Vegeta" with a whopping 12 votes! Congratulations guys! :3 And great work to everyone, honestly, all the entries were so good that it made it difficult to vote. All Contestants can pick up their prizes here!

Happy Halloween! Unfortunately on top of the mini-hiatus I had from the TCG the past few days + all the rest of the craziness this week (see above XD) I didn't get the chance to make any new decks! However, I have some event cards + extra Halloween prizes from yours truly. :3 Trick or Treat! Please follow the rules below very carefully.

ONLY October Contest & Raffle participants may take the related event cards, but everyone can take the Halloween card! Everyone may also take 2 choice cards (from different decks) numbered #03 or #01. (31 for Halloween!) None of these choice cards can allow you to master the deck!!

Leave a comment with what you've taken, and do not take any cards after this update has passed. If I see you have taken cards without commenting or taken cards after the cut-off date I will ask you to remove them.

PHEW! I'm sure there are a lot of mistakes in this update (crossing my fingers I did okay!) so if you see any, just let me know. And have a Happy Halloween, everyone! (Don't talk to strangers or eat opened candy! Take a taxi home if you drink too much! Be safe!! ;^;)

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