Santa Baby!

posted by Aku on 04 Dec 2014   //   comments (83)

Feels like I just got done updating this place... and here I am again! XD Back on track for our Thursday update! And it's totally already December (WHERE DOES THE TIME GO), which means it's time for a new monthly event card. Everyone go ahead and take it! :3 Goku makes the cutest Santa. <3 Psst: Yes, I updated. No, I haven't finished answering forms from yesterday. Please don't resubmit unless you sent a form before yesterday that you didn't get a reply to! ;~; Seems a few of you always have form problems. >_<;

New Members: Mewkeere, welcome to the Champion family! <3

Championed: Dark Elf (Dohma), Zelda (Lethe)

Mastered: Narukami (Jane)

Hero Claims: Fuyumine Naoto (Andrea)

Level Ups: ( 3-4 ) Dan, Delphine, ( 5-6 ) Kibumie, ( 6-7 ) Elysa, Lethe, Sumie

New Decks: I didn't get the chance to create new decks between the last update + today on top of all the new games + events for the end of the year! However, if you did not take cards from Sunday's update, you can still claim a card up until next Thursday, since they were only up for a short amount of time. Please comment on this update. (If you grabbed last update, DO NOT take a card.)

Traders who did not take a card last Sunday are welcome to take 1 card from the decks above. Leave a comment with what you've taken, and do not take any cards after this update has passed. If I see you have taken cards without commenting or taken cards after the cut-off date I will ask you to remove them.

Deck Edits: These are actually a bit overdue, so I'm sorry for the wait! We had some duplicate/incorrect images in a few decks, so if you own any of these cards, please replace them with these new ones below. (Not freebies!)

Games: Weekly Games Set A, Bi-Weekly Games & Monthly Games are up at the Arcade! A reminder that our November Raffle has concluded for the month as well, and winning numbers have been announced on the Raffle Ticket page--if you have a matching ticket, please fill out a form on that page! :3 We're also going to begin our Secret Santa Event for the end of the year - into next year, which I think will be quite a bit of fun! :3 So please sign up this week if you're interested in participating. (I will not be able to take late sign ups for this event because it is so deadline oriented, so please make sure you get your wishlist in before the deadline!!)

Jump Shop: New Bundles are out for December~! :3 There should be an addition to the shop in a week or two for the Secret Santa event, where all of you can do your holiday shopping, Champion style!

Whew! It feels good to be back on track. Complete forum updates will be on their way after I get done posting this. Thanks everyone for your patience, and for your feedback last update. :) I opened up a forum topic on the matter for those of you still interested in leaving your thoughts/suggestions or simply want to see what others have to say! There are definitely some good ideas floating around that I think we can make work for the TCG. As always for large updates, I'm sure I've made some mistakes along the way, so if anything isn't working/seems funny just let me know! <33

I'm also aware that it's finals season... so those of you who are studying or finishing up final projects, GANBATTE! o(^_^)o Study hard like Gohan, get good grades & then celebrate and enjoy the holiday season! Best of wishes to you all!

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