Champion Relaunch!

posted by Aku on 15 Jan 2015   //   comments (28)

Hello Champions, and welcome to the MyTCG relaunched & newly designed (surprise! ^-^) Champion. In honor of today, here's an event card. May the system benefit all of us, work without too many errors, and launch us properly into 2015! An additional thank you to Kibumie, who helped me test various parts of the site, as well as Ashu, who helped me enter all the decks into the new database! <3 This is gonna be a TL;DR update, but I assure you it's all necessary information! >_<

Account Activation Instructions, please read!

Before using any features on the site, you will need to activate your account on the MyTCG Platform. You should have already received an e-mail automated by the system saying that your account was approved. What you need to do is visit the Lost Password page, and MyTCG will send you a generated password. You can then login with your e-mail address and change your password (and any other information you'd like--everyone's "collecting" is set to dabu as default~ ;D) in your My Champion panel. For security purposes explained at the forum (I recommend everyone read this post), please use a password unique for MyTCG/Champion.

NEW MEMBERS: Ten, welcome to the Champion family!

CHAMPIONED DECKS: Ao (Bloo), Blade Maiden (Andrea), Kamesennin (Bloo)

MASTERED DECKS: Akabari (Melinda), Dark Horse (Lethe), Hyorinmaru (Lethe), Fierce (Bloo), Kakarot (Bloo), Magician (Elysa), Scheming (Melinda), Stone Free (Delphine)

LEVEL UPS: ( 5-6 ) Maggie, Neo, xxing ( 6-7 ) Mirai, ( 8-9 ) Bloo, ( 9-10 ) Lethe

GAMES: Weekly Games Set A were updated this week! Jump Point Games have also been rotated in. Because of eTCG's setup, all games will be displayed regardless of whether or not they are updated that week, so please pay attention to which games have been updated when playing. If you have been MIA from the TCG, you are welcome to play the older games to catch up, but do not play games that you have played before to receive additional prizes.

As a warning: all games, forms, and anything that spits out cards at this TCG now permanently logs your activity. This goes without saying that cheating the randomizer is no longer going to be tolerated here at Champion and you need to take what the randomizer gives you the first time, and not the second or ninth time. I will be keeping an eye on these logs. If you receive doubles, trade them at the Doubles Exchange or find another use for them. If you forgot to record your prizes, check your Temporary Log to see what the game gave you. There is no excuse for refreshing or replaying games.

Notice to eTCG Users

It will be necessary to update your Auto Upload URLs as all cards now come directly from Please update accordingly before entering prizes into your eTCG or the cards will not auto-upload properly!

Error Reporting

With the new system in place, we are likely to have some errors along the way. There are a few known bugs already:

- MyTCG will show a blank “loggedin.php” page instead of an error if user enters the wrong password when logging into My Champion.
- MyTCG will not show the “logged out.php” page if a user logs out, but the user is logged out when returning to Champion.

If you find any additional errors/bugs/pages or images missing during your escapades around the site this week, please report them at our Error Reporting thread on the forum. Unless there's any need for it to be private, I'd prefer for it to be addressed on the forums so that other MyTCG users may have input on the errors occurring. Please include the text of any error messages that you receive, as well as screenshots if necessary to help us fully understand the problem.

Closing Messages

Thank you guys so much for your patience this week! I know the TCG has been quiet on the deck front in the past month or two, but it is honestly because I've been working on transitioning into this. Hopefully in the coming week I will finally get the chance to do some deck releases and get us back on track! :3 There should also be some new surprises in our Jump Shop coming out soon (yay money sinks!), as well as a revamped/original Stamp Card system. I am hoping that all these changes made are going to help make Champion a fun, more balanced and fair place to play! Please bear with me over the next few weeks as I as well get used to running the TCG on this new system, and thank you for your support thus far. I couldn't do it without such a loving & encouraging TCG family!

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