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posted by Aku on 22 Jan 2015   //   comments (32)

Afternoon Champions! For those of you who missed last week, you may be surprised at the new login for the TCG. I encourage you to read this update to get yourself caught up! Below is some information for activating your account. For the rest of you who already know all this, skip this textbox.

Account Activation Instructions, please read!

Before using any features on the site, you will need to activate your account on the MyTCG Platform. Visit the Lost Password page, and MyTCG will send you a generated password. You can then login with your e-mail address and change your password in your My Champion panel. For security purposes explained at the forum (I recommend everyone read this post), please use a password unique for MyTCG/Champion.

Notice to eTCG Users

It will be necessary to update your Auto Upload URLs as all cards now come directly from Please update accordingly before entering prizes into your eTCG or the cards will not auto-upload properly!

NEW MEMBERS: Mamori & Styx, welcome to the Champion family!

CHAMPIONED DECKS: Aka (Dohma), Housewife (Kula), Hyakka (Kula), Innocence (Kula), Juu no Ken (Dohma), Manager (Kula), Melonpan (Melinda)

MASTERED DECKS: Gangster (Chiisai), Garden (xxing), Guardian (Dohma), Hibiscus (Andrea), Irome (Kula), Kimagure (Mousey), King (xxing), Masenko (Mousey), Mirai (Dohma), Nine Tails (Dohma), Pantera (Dohma), Refreshing (xxing), Sweet Tooth (Kula), Wolf Fang (Chiisai)

HERO CLAIMS: Hiei (Mousey), Nishinoya Yuu (Melinda), Monkey D. Luffy has been forfeit and is now available for claim again

LEVEL UPS: ( 6-7) Chiisai, ( 8-9 ) Dohma, ( 9-10 ) Elysa

NEW DECKS: It feels so good to finally get to these decks. I'm sorry for the backlog on upcomings! I should get through the remaining upcoming next week, and we'll finally have all of these requests out of the way! Thanks so much for your patience guys.

Everyone is welcome to take 2 cards from the decks above, no more than 1 per deck. Leave a comment with what you've taken, and do not take any cards after this update has passed. If I see you have taken cards without commenting or taken cards after the cut-off date I will ask you to remove them.

GAMES: The Weekly Games Set B were updated this week. Knock yourselves out!

Stamp Card Revamp Process

As I mentioned in the previous update, I am planning on phasing out the generic "stamp card" activity in favor of a Champion original. I wanted to share some of that with you today! Click here for an example of the new "trade badges" and some information on how they will work. My hope is that the revised system will benefit traders of all activity levels: both you who trade 60+ times a month, and you who only have the time for 5-10 trades. You'll also be able to claim a badge with any character you'd like! (No limitations--nobody can have the same image, but traders can choose the same character if they'd like.) The trait and birthdate are based on the character you choose for the badge. Let me know of any questions/comments/concerns you have about this so that I can take it into consideration when drafting up the guidelines/rules! ^u^ )/

Friendly Reminders: Mastering

With the new system in place, just a reminder that I do still check your masteries before sending your badges and your deck needs to be viewable for me when I check your collection/logs. I visited a lot of traders pages this week where you guys had already removed your cards after submitting your form--so it's not possible for me to check if you actually mastered it or not aside from going through your logs. (Which I do. :P) Please make my job easy and make sure your 20/20 deck is viewable for me until I send your badge! You can move the cards to your "mastered" section once you receive my email. Thanks! <3

Closing Thoughts ♡

I hope you've all been enjoying the revamped TCG so far! Thanks so much for your help with errors last week--fortunately it looks like we got through it without too many problems, which is great! All of your kind comments and compliments made me really happy, I'm really glad to see you all enjoying the new layout + MyTCG features! :3 Happy trading this week!

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