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posted by Aku on 29 Jan 2015   //   comments (24)

Last week I'll be putting this reminder up here! :3 For those of you who missed the transition update, you may be surprised at the new login for the TCG. I encourage you to read this update to get yourself caught up! Below is some information for activating your account. For the rest of you who already know all this, skip this textbox.

Account Activation Instructions, please read!

Before using any features on the site, you will need to activate your account on the MyTCG Platform. Visit the Lost Password page, and MyTCG will send you a generated password. You can then login with your e-mail address and change your password in your My Champion panel. For security purposes explained at the forum (I recommend everyone read this post), please use a password unique for MyTCG/Champion.

Notice to eTCG Users

It will be necessary to update your Auto Upload URLs as all cards now come directly from http://champion.donten.org/decks/. Please update accordingly before entering prizes into your eTCG or the cards will not auto-upload properly!

NEW MEMBERS: Cheshire & Eren, welcome to the Champion family!

CHAMPIONED DECKS: Collar (Sumie), Flare (Sumie), Reigan (Andrea), Troy (Lethe)

MASTERED DECKS: Brain (Lethe), Do S Bancho (Melinda), Faint Smile (Sumie), Garden (Michele), Gorilla (Melinda), Illusionary (Melinda), Kioku (Lethe), Mangaka (Melinda), Sonata (Angel), Sukiyaki (Angel), Quincy (Angel), Trick or Treat (Sumie), Wings (Lethe)

HERO CLAIMS: Kuwabara Kazuma (Angel)

LEVEL UPS: ( 1-2 ) Andrew, Kearin, Mamori, Overlord ( 4-5 ) Mary, ( 5-6 ) Delphine, ( 6-7 ) Mousey, ( 8-9 ) Andrea, Melinda ( 9-10 ) Kibumie

NEW DECKS: I didn't get to as many as I wanted to this week because I had other things I needed to get done, but there are still got a few for grabs!

Everyone is welcome to take 1 card from the decks above, no more than 1 per deck. Leave a comment with what you've taken, and do not take any cards after this update has passed. If I see you have taken cards without commenting or taken cards after the cut-off date I will ask you to remove them.

GAMES: The Weekly Games Set C were updated this week, and Bi-Weekly Games are also in rotation this week. A reminder that Bi-Weekly games are only available every other week and will NOT be up next week, so please pick two of the games you want to play and play them this week!

Game Boosts are now usable!

Do you have any Game Boosts that you received for Christmas or maybe from the Raffle Tickets? You can now use them at the Game Boost Activation center! (For anyone wondering where to find this outside of the update, this is located at the Arcade, under "Ongoing Activities" at the very bottom.) Please read over the rules & usage carefully and make sure you activate your boost before using. If you have any questions about how to use them, feel free to ask me via the usual places.

Stamp Card - Last Week to Turn In

This will be your last week to turn in for prizes for the old Stamp Cards--so please do that before our next update! I'm not 100% sure we'll be ready next week to transition into the new Stamp Card system right away (still figuring out if I can automate the prizes or not >_<;) but the end of January will mark the end of the old stamp cards. If you have an incomplete stamp card that you are working on but will not finish by the end of the week, you may submit that card as well. Please include the amount of stamps completed & the corresponding logs and I will reward accordingly. Thanks!

Closing Thoughts ♡

Next week's update will probably be a large one (full game/shop rotation & end of the month rewards) so be prepared for it! Next week may or may not have any new decks as I will be focusing mostly on Stamp Cards and getting those prepared to work for us, we'll see how it all goes. Right now I'm in total need of either a nap, or a large cup of caffeine! XD Thanks everyone, and happy trading!

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