Happy February!

posted by Aku on 05 Feb 2015   //   comments (13)

Wow, February really creeped up on me... the other day I was sketching and I checked the date and was shocked to see it was the first already! >__<; It snowed where I live, so I think I'm still stuck in December lol.

CHAMPIONED DECKS: Blue Planet (Ashu), Genius (Maggie)

MASTERED DECKS: Decoy (Fable, Elysa), Devil’s Book (Cami), Dynamite (Cami), Faint Smile (Maggie), Justice (Cami), Shark (Maggie), Wrath Flame (Adelicya)

HERO CLAIMS: Seta Soujirou (Dohma)

LEVEL UPS: ( 1-2 ) ( 1-2 ) Styx, ( 3-4 ) Ran, ( 4-5 ) Adelicya, ( 6-7 ) Maggie, ( 7-8 ) Cami, Fable

GAMES: The Weekly Games Set A and Monthly Games were updated this week! The raffle numbers for January have also been announced, so please remember to check your raffle tickets and see if you're a winner over at our Monthly Raffle! I've already begun handing out tickets for February.

Stamp Cards

I've officially removed the Stamp Cards from the Games page for this week as we transition into the new Stamp Card system, hopefully by next week! >.< Sorry, we may have a mini-hiatus on Stamp Cards until I get this all figured out. If you still haven't sent in your final Stamp Cards, please do so at the forum as I will be trying to answer all those up this week. Like stated last week: If you have an incomplete stamp card that you are working on but did not finish by the end of January, you may submit that card as well. Please include the amount of stamps completed & the corresponding logs and I will reward accordingly. As of February 1st, trades will not count for past or future trades, so please just sit tight while we get the new system out. Thanks!

New "Merchandise Shop" Open at the Jump Shop!

The bundles at the Point Exchange have been updated for February! This month will also mark the grand opening of our Merchandise Shop! ^u^ We've been needing some additional "point sinks" in this TCG, and since the WSJ items from Secret Santa went over so well, I thought it'd be good to put all those graphics I made to use. You can buy those, as well as hopefully some future items at the Merch Shop! :3 I'd love to hear what other kind of items or ideas you guys would like to see there... leave a comment with some fun ideas for the shop, and you may claim a choice card along with it. (Do not pick a card that will allow you to master.) Obviously we can't use everyone's ideas--but a group brainstorming session is always good!

Closing Thoughts ♡

Pretty quiet week here at Champion, but monthly updates are always pretty hefty so I spent my afternoon getting this out. I apologize for the slow e-mails this week... I think I really need a mental break from the TCG and kind of forgot about my inbox/responsibilities, but thankfully it was pretty slow anyway. XD; I'll be working hard this week to answer all remaining Stamp Card prizes and hopefully getting out the new system ASAP, but I also have real-life things to prioritize, so I apologize if features don't come out as fast as we want them to. ;_; Thanks for your patience everyone!

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