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posted by Aku on 12 Feb 2015   //   comments (24)

Hey everyone! Early update today, got other things to do tomorrow and would like to have the Champion-time to get started making your Trade Badges! :P More on that later though. We have a few event cards today! Feel free to add them to your collection.

NEW MEMBERS: Eremis, welcome to the Champion family! ^u^)/

CHAMPIONED DECKS: Captain (xxing)

MASTERED DECKS: Cloud (Adelicya), Dabu (Maggie), Decoy (xxing), Dekorin (xxing), Dynamite (Adelicya), Flagrance (Maggie), Gifted (Melinda), Gunblaze (xxing), Nine Tails (Ran), Platinum (Mirai), Rose Whip (Delphine, Andrea), Shigure (Adelicya), Tettsui (Delphine), Writer (Melinda)

HERO CLAIMS: Kuroko Tetsuya (Ran)

LEVEL UPS: ( 1-2 ) Anrui, Frizzy, ( 3-4 ) Liz, ( 4-5 ) Angel, ( 5-6 ) Adelicya, ( 6-7 ) Delphine, ( 7-8 ) Mirai, xxing, ( 9-10 ) Andrea

GAMES: The Weekly Games Set B were updated this week, and Bi-Weekly Games are in rotation again! Just a reminder that the form for the Monthly Raffle was not working last week, so if you sent in a form for a winning raffle ticket and didn't receive a reply, you need to resubmit it! >_< Sorry about that.

Trade Badges

We're officially starting with Trade Badges this week! To read the guidelines & get yourself registered, head on over to the Arcade and hit the Trade Badge link under "Ongoing Activities". You'll also be able to access the Trade Exchange from there (which is where you can view multipliers / trade in for prizes at the end of the month), but for now that page is "under construction" as the form doesn't yet work how I want it to. This also means there will not be any multipliers for the first week or two, because I need to know what kinds of characters you guys register before deciding what the multipliers are. :P Once this page is completed, you will be able to access it via the My Champion Panel. (Under the Doubles Exchange, most likely!)

This is a new concept, so if you have any questions (even if it's just like "AKU AM I DOING THIS RIGHT??"), I've created a masterpost on the forum--please feel free to ask me there! <3 And please be patient--I will likely be flooded with trade badge requests, so you might not get yours right away, but I assure you I'll get everyone's out ASAP. :)

Closing Thoughts ♡

Thank you for all your ideas last week, I'm definitely excited to try implementing some of them in the store! :3 OSTs, shitajiki, and especially the figure/gachapon idea many of you suggested sounds like a lot of fun. I will probably do some designing on some of these ideas and post them in the forum to get feedback about what you guys like the most!

Valentine's Day is this weekend, so if you have plans or if you'll just be blastin' Single Ladies, let us know in the comments what you'll be up to! I'm living that LDR life, so I'll be home on a Skype date eating snacks and playing video games, most likely. XD I hope you have a wonderful weekend and know that you're all loved! (◡‿◡✿) (Plz don't open those at school/work...)

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