Small Update!

posted by Aku on 19 Feb 2015   //   comments (5)

WHILE I'M FOREVER ON HOLD WITH NINTENDO SUPPORT... let's type out the Champion update. :D

NEW MEMBERS: Aku (Yes, me! :D) & Lala, welcome to the Champion family! ^u^)/

CHAMPIONED DECKS: Kamaitachi (Elysa), Necromancy (Dohma), Sky Flame (Kibumie)

MASTERED DECKS: AllSunday (Sumie), Chestnut (Dohma), Diamond (Dohma), Do S Bancho (Liz), Gakuen (Sumie), Heaven’s Door (Dohma), Mugen (Delphine), Murcielago (Dohma), Illusionary (Adelicya), Kimoichi (Maggie), K’rik (Angel), Pride (Dohma), Santoryu (Sumie), Wrath Flame (Dohma), Zabimaru (Angel), X-Glove (Adelicya), Zebul (Maggie)

JUMP STARS: Akashi and Rin were nominated by Kibumie and Angel for our Jump Stars Deck! :D Take a look at the new shinies (no taking!):

LEVEL UPS: ( 1-2 ) Eren, Josie, ( 4-5 ) Maia, ( 7-8 ) Delphine, Maggie, ( 9-10 ) Dohma, Sumie

GAMES: The Weekly Games Set C were updated this week! Small update! O_O )b

Just a few reminders!

Jump Shop Changes

In the coming week, I'm going to be doing some editing to our Point Exchange shop! Mostly for clarity (need to better explain Jump Star Vouchers), but also to make some changes to the amount of choice cards that can be purchased in a week. It's been a trend since last year for people to save up masteries, choice cards and points to buy up half a deck and secure a Champion Badge. This is something we have discussed as a TCG before, and the change is mostly being made to preserve the longevity of decks in the competitive circuit. While it may not seem like it, cards are more highly valued when they are eligible for a "Champion" badge, so the quicker people buy up new decks, the less time the cards spend with that value. It's a trading card game. So I'd like to encourage people to actually trade to earn their decks and not simply buy them. :P Starting next week: no more buying 8+ cards from a deck in one go. Sorry guys! #AkuNerfsChoiceCards

Adding money sinks to the game will also help this situation--so everyone (especially higher level traders) feels like there is an adequate amount of items to spend their jump points on. :3 I feel like many of you are sitting on fat wallets, and I promise I will be adding some ways for you to spend your money soon!

Closing Thoughts ♡

Last but not least... I have joined as a trader at Champion! :D With some self-imposed rules: I will not be collecting anything that hasn't been championed, and I will not be trading out any cards from decks that haven't been championed. (Filthy casual!!) Needless to say, the TCG won't be as fun for me as it is for you guys (it never is as an owner... XD) but I'm an extra person to trade cards with & also trade badges with! If you know of any fun up and coming (or existing!) TCGs that I'm not a member of and should check out--let me know and I may join and refer you! :3 I'm usually too busy with Champion to participate in TCGs anymore... but I kinda miss trading... TuT;;

Gonna get to work on that upcoming list for now! Monster Hunter 4U came out last week and it's pretty much all I want to be doing... so I apologize for the slowness with the TCG, hahaha.

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