Happy March!

posted by Aku on 05 Mar 2015   //   comments (26)

Hello everyone! It's officially March! A bit of an early update today... I didn't sleep much last night and got woken up early by stomach cramps (yuck!), so I figured I'd just get up and get this out of the way while the pain subsides, haha. I'm sorry for any insomnia-induced mistakes... In any case, here's your March event card! <3 WHICH I'M SURPRISED I REMEMBERED...

CHAMPIONED DECKS: Hige (Dohma), Flowing River (Maia), Wednesday (Lethe)

MASTERED DECKS: Acrobatic (Ran), Black Dragon (Andrea), Bronco (Elysa), Bungee Gum (Andrea), Cloud (Elysa), Copycat (Delphine), Council (Dohma), Crown Clown (Mirai), Goban (Lethe), Hyorinmaru (Ran), Kasshin (Elysa), Kioku (Maggie), Kira (Lethe), Lightning (Maia), Mugiwara (Maggie), Okashira (Elysa, Andrea), Platinum (Sumie), Rebound (Maia), Shabon (Sumie), Sessha (Lethe), Trattoria (Sumie), Troy (Sumie), Zanza (Maia), Zone (Sumie)

HERO CLAIMS: Krillin (Andrew), Sanada Genichirou (Cami)

LEVEL UPS: ( 1-2 ) Momo, Lala, ( 5-6 ) Maia, ( 8-9 ) Mirai

GAMES: The Weekly Games Set B & Monthly Games have been updated at the Arcade! Our Monthly Raffle numbers have also been pulled, so be sure and check to see if you have a winning ticket from February. :3

Jump Shop Updates

There are new bundles at the Point Exchange and new WSJ Magazines at the Merch Shop! This week, we'll also be introducing CDs to the shop as suggested by many of you a few updates ago! ^u^)/ There will be one more special item coming out later this month, gotta work out a few coding kinks. You guys are going to have a total love/hate relationship with it...<3 It's gonna be fun! >:D I'll try to put out a teaser on Twitter sometime this week. These three items will probably be the extent of the merchandise in the Merch Shop for now--other buyables will probably be more TCG maintenance oriented. (Change of member card image, champion deck extension, etc.) More on that soon™!

March Multiplers are up!

For March, we'll be starting on Trade Badge Multipliers! You can check what they are for this month (as well as more information about multpliers) on the Trade Badge page. If you haven't already done so, please turn in your badge collection for February at the Trade Exchange so you can clear out your collection and begin trading again for March!

Closing Thoughts ♡

Zzzzz... time for some breakfast and then a nap. Since the update was kind of weird today, I haven't quite gotten to all the e-mails in my inbox, so if you haven't received a reply from me yet, don't panic. I'll probably answer you later today! If I forgot to mention anything, I'll be sure to update this later. xD; Happy trading everyone!

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