Birthday Week!

posted by Aku on 12 Mar 2015   //   comments (28)

Hey guys! Pretty simple update this week, but we've got a bit to talk about! ^u^ Let's get to it.

NEW MEMBERS: Ets, welcome to the Champion family! ^u^)/

MASTERED DECKS: Bloodshot (Cami), Brain (Delphine, xxing), Glass Heart (xxing), Gorilla (Liz), Kokuyo (Cami), Mangaka (Andrea), Ore-sama (Delphine), Refreshing (Delphine), Sukonbu (Liz), Sweet Tooth (mamori), Zanza (Andrea)

HERO CLAIMS: Kirisaki Chitoge (Kearin), Bulma (Kearin), Kagura (mamori)

LEVEL UPS: ( 1-2 ) Aku, Kearin, Ruka, ( 2-3 ) Anrui, ( 4-5 ) Liz, Ran, ( 6 -7 ) Adelicya, ( 8-9 ) Cami, Delphine, ( 9-10 ) xxing

GAMES: The Weekly Games Set C & Bi-Weekly Games are in rotation at the Arcade! A reminder that our Monthly Raffle numbers were pulled last week, so be sure and check to see if you have a winning ticket from February. :3

AFFILIATES: We're now affiliated with Superstar, a K-Ent TCG! Check them out if you're interested, it looks lovely! :3 I'm sure there are some Champion members who you could refer, as well. <3

Gachapon Figures at the Jump Shop, debuting this March!

Last week I discussed one more item coming to the Merchandise Shop this month, and here's a little preview for it! A few of you expressed your desire for Gachapon Figures at the shop, so we're going to do it SUPER GACHAPON STYLE! This means that the figures will be actual blind boxes with differing rarities. The Haikyuu!! set will probably be the first up (preview of the set here) as it's one of the more popular series at this TCG. As you can see, there will always be one "mystery figure" that is extra rare. These will of course be tradable (& disposable, possibly, as in, you could sell them back to the shop for less than you paid for). A price has not been decided yet... but most likely, it will not be limited to a certain trait. (Meaning, if it cost 10 JP, you would be able to use any points you liked. Good way to get rid of points you don't use!)

Sometime next month, I will probably start opening donations for gachapon figure images, CD images, and maybe even WSJ images so that the mags/cds/figures in the shop are ones you actually want to see, and not just ones arbitrarily picked by me. :)

Changes to Mastery Prizes / Mastery Rules

With the recent change at the Jump Shop (3 choice cards per week), it occurred to me that people who are saving up masteries to use as choice cards are actually now sort of "exploiting" this rule. While this wasn't a problem in the past, now that we have this rule at the Jump Shop set in stone, it's unfair for people to "save up choice cards" by holding off on mastering. While I don't necessarily have a problem with chain masteries occurring (it's only natural at TCGs), I would prefer if traders don't intentionally hold off mastering in order to use them as choice cards. This is officially a "rule" at the TCG as stated in the Mastery Form and anyone continuing to exploit this after this week in any way, shape, or form will be approached by me. (Don't try and get creative!!) Anyone who is currently sitting on masteries to hold off on a choice card, please turn them in this week.

To alleviate the situation however, from now on, you are allowed to take 1 Choice Card Voucher instead of a choice card when Mastering. All you need to do is leave the "choice card" blank and record the choice card voucher in your prize text instead. This way, you don't need to hold off on mastering, because you will have a voucher to use whenever you want instead! Traders who like choosing their card when mastering can still do so. I hope this makes sense to everyone--feel free to ask if you have any questions! I am not sure how to automate it to give you guys a voucher instead of a choice card so you will need to log your choice card manually... but anyone who might be able to help me tweak MyTCG in this area, I would love to hear your thoughts! :3 (And I will of course as usual, be checking your masteries + logs when you send in a form, so if you do it wrong I'll be sure to help you!)

Closing Thoughts ♡

Phew! Sorry for the TL;DR today. I know not everybody enjoys walls of text, but I'm trying to be as clear as possible about TCG rules so that nobody gets upset with me later on. ;w;

In less yucky news, this past Tuesday it was my birthday! So to share the "presents" with you all, you're welcome to take 2 cards of choice (both from different decks). Please just comment with what you're taking. <3 Happy trading everyone!

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