Back on Track?!

posted by Aku on 14 May 2015   //   comments (33)

Happy Thursday everyone! Finally getting back on track here at Champion! >_<; I think I'm going to take a serious look at all these things that need rotating (games, shop, etc) and try and figure out a schedule for it. Currently it's really stressful for me to have a lot of things that need to be rotated at once, and I end up getting behind on things! So it'll be better for me to break it down so I'm not doing so much in one week. For now though, we are finally caught up. :3

NEW MEMBERS: Mariko, welcome to the Champion family! ^u^/

MASTERED DECKS: Blue Planet (Lethe), Clutch Time (Cami), Diamond (Mirai), Five (Mirai), Giant (Mirai), Itako (Cami), Kimagure (Kearin), Light Speed (Cami), Phantom (Ran), Tensai (Ran)

LEVEL UPS:( 1-2 ) Grey, Reimei

GAMES: The Weekly Games Set B & Bi-Weekly Games are in rotation at the Arcade!

JUMP SHOP: The Point Exchange & Merchandise Shop have been updated with new Bundles, WSJ & CDs! I'm sorry for the delay on this! ;u; This will also be the last week to purchase Gintama Gachapon Figures. If anyone has a cute set of Gachapon figures they'd like to see happen on the site, leave me a link in the comments below! ;3 Large shots with a white background preferable, but let me know the set and I may be able to find good images.

Jump Q&A : Session 4!

It's already mid-May, and summer is on it's way! What are some of your plans for summer? I'm living that "responsible adult" life... so sadly I don't have many plans other than job hunting T^T, but I will be going to Anime Expo in July! I've been crazy busy working on cosplay which is why Champion's been kind of on the back burner the past few weeks. I'll be cosplaying Tharja from Fire Emblem, Ziggs from League of Legends, & Bulma from Dragon Ball! :D Is anyone else going to be at AX? :3 Other than that, I anticipate a pretty boring summer, hahaha.

Answer the question in the comments and you can take cards spelling SUNNY! (One card per deck, and the cards do not have to begin with the letter, as long as the letter is somewhere in the deck name. This week, the cards may not allow you to master!)

Closing Thoughts ♡

Thanks so much for your patience with the TCG these past few weeks! I've got a little bit of TL;DR to say that is more of a thank you than anything! But since it's kind of long, I'm going to cut it. (It's totally optional reading, by the way!) I feel like I haven't been able to tend to Champion like I would like lately, and with Champion's 1 year anniversary coming up here in a few months, and I just wanted to share my thoughts with you guys & a little bit of gratitude.


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