Summer is coming...

posted by Aku on 05 Jun 2015   //   comments (29)

Hey everyone! I'm super sorry for being a day late. >_<; I've been working my booty off on cosplay since it's the last month before AX. After working late last night I planned on getting the update up, but I took some allergy medicine and it totally knocked me out while I was taking a break watching Gintama... TAT!! So I apologize for that, but I've got all my e-mails answered and the update is up today! Hooray! It's also June. Where does the time go?!

CHAMPIONED DECKS: CEDEF (Elysa), Gentle (Lethe), Mokkori (Woody), Pleasure (Dohma)

MASTERED DECKS: Blue Planet (Melinda), Dark Horse (Ran), Flowing River (Kibumie), Hiken (Ets), Hyakka (Melinda), Hyorinmaru (Kibumie), Joui ga Joy! (mamori), Kamaitachi (Maggie), Kira (Sarah), Mayora (Kibumie), Necromancy (Elysa), Shigure (Maggie), Sukiyaki (Cate), Tenken (Kibumie), Tettsui (Elysa), Zabimaru (Andrea)

HERO CLAIMS: Yoko Kurama (Ally)

LEVEL UPS: ( 1-2 ) Wing, Woody, ( 2-3 ) Ets, ( 6-7 ) Angel, ( 7-8 ) Mamori, ( 8-9 ) Mina

GAMES: The Weekly Games Set B & Monthly Games have been updated this week. The Raffle ticket numbers have been announced, and new multipliers are up at the Trade Badge section for June. Check it all out at the Arcade!

Bonus: Additionally, to makeup for the late update, everyone may play Rotation Bonus twice this week! ONLY this game may be played twice, so please don't use this bonus on any other games and be sure to log it in your activity log!

Jump Q&A : Session 6!

What's your dream vacation? I've been watching a lot of travel videos lately and even had a dream last night that I traveled to Europe! O_O; (So Random? LOL I guess I've got the bug since I haven't been somewhere new in so long!) It's always been my dream to travel to Japan since the culture and entertainment has been such a big part of my youth + current interests, so that's kind of a given... but maybe because it's summer I'm totally dreaming of somewhere tropical. The biggest reason I'd really love to travel is because I want to try different foods from all over the place!

Answer the question in the comments and you can take three choice cards! (One card per deck, the cards may not allow you to master!)

Submit your May Trade Badge Collections!

For those of you who haven't already done so, please submit your May TB Collections to the Trade Exchange, as the new month has already begun! I hope I can answer these, as well as the remainder of the forum games I've been neglecting, sometime over the weekend. >_<;

Closing Thoughts ♡

Hope you all have a fabulous June and start to your summer! I'm going to be super busy this month with preparing for AX + the rest of my stay, so I'm really sorry if things slow down here at Champion a little bit. Once I've solidified my schedule for my trip, I'll let you guys know what the updates will be like here at the TCG! I will probably take a small vacation from the TCG in July and miss 1-2 updates, but I'll be sure to figure out a way for you guys to earn cards during the weeks I'm out. :) Until those weeks arrive, we'll keep on truckin'! Happy trading everyone. <3

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