So hot! OwO;;

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Hey guys! How's the weather been treating you? Not sure about your parts of the world, but here it's starting to get in the 90s and I'm not happy about it... B( LOL.

NEW MEMBERS: sujini, welcome to the Champion family! ^u^/

CHAMPIONED DECKS: Flute (Adelicya), Pacifier (Cate), Pillar (xxing)

MASTERED DECKS: Brain (Fable), Captain (Fable), Copynin (Maggie), Firefly (Maggie), Gorilla (xxing), Hyouton (xxing), Kokuyo (Adelicya), K’rik (Maggie), Mugiwara (Adelicya), Pool Party (xxing), Spear Tackle (xxing), Sukiyaki (xxing), Wednesday (Maggie), Wolf Fang (Maggie)

HERO CLAIMS: Dino Cavallone (Ten), Kise Ryouta (Ran), Tao Ren (Sarah) -- I haven't sent out the e-mails for these yet but you guys should get them tonight/tomorrow! ;w; Your claims are all fine though & will go through!

LEVEL UPS: ( 4-5 ) Cate, ( 8-9 ) Ran, Mamori

GAMES: The Weekly Games Set C & Bi-Weekly Games have been rotated in this week at the Arcade!

JUMP SHOP: The Point Exchange has been updated with new bundles for the month, and our Merch Shop has some new WSJ magazines rotated in! I've removed CDs from the shop for now (more on that below). Also, a reminder that this is the last week the Reborn! Gachapon will be available, so get all those figures you can before I change the set next week. :3

Jump Q&A : Session 7!

What kind of events would you like to see for our one year anniversary in August? I can't believe that we're actually nearing a year at this TCG--and I'm curious what kind of prizes / events / anything else you'd like to see at the TCG to celebrate! Creative / new ideas very welcome, so don't be afraid to think outside the box about the capabilities. Obviously this is something that would be great planned in advance, so if you have any ideas please share them in the comments! :3 Would love to know what you guys think.

Answer the question in the comments and you can take one choice card and 5 jump points of choice.

CDs are missing!

As you may have noticed, I didn't put up any CDs into the Merchandise section this month! Honestly, this is because maybe 1-2 CDs were being purchased on a monthly basis and it felt a bit like a waste of time... :T Naturally, this might be because of the selection more than anything, but I definitely feel that when it comes to merch items though, people have been more drawn to the WSJ / Gacha items.

More than likely, I need to find ways to cut back on things at the TCG, because the weekly updates sometimes take me hours and lately, that has been without decks, which I really regret since obviously, where would the TCG be without a pretty regular update of cards? XD; I haven't had the time to dedicate to them lately, not only because I've been so busy, but also because there are quite a few other things I need to make graphics for during updates/forms. I feel a bit bad to say this because I think a lot of these cute, additional items/customizations are a big part of Champion's charm, but I think I can find solutions to make it all work without losing too much of that!

Hopefully I can find a way to streamline more of what we do here at Champion and avoid me feeling super overworked by it. It's no joke that the TCG definitely needs some cleaning up & fixings here and there (some of which I've been promising for months!) I just need to very seriously take the time to sit and think about it. I'll try to gather my thoughts and make a forum post soon!

Closing Thoughts ♡

That's about it for this week, everyone! As I stated earlier, I have some Hero Shop / Point Exchange forms that still haven't been answered. I'll try to get to them tomorrow or maybe later tonight! For now I super duper need to get to work on some other things. ;u; Thanks as always for your patience and happy trading! <3

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