The Genderswap Arc made me fall in love with Kyuubei...

posted by Aku on 18 Jun 2015   //   comments (5)

Hey everyone! Got a bit of chit chat to do today, so let's get to it! We won't be having a Jump Q&A this week just to make sure all of the schedule for next month is clear, since me being out of town will shift some of our schedule around a bit!

NEW MEMBERS: Kayori (welcome back!) and Missa, welcome to the Champion family! ^u^/

CHAMPIONED DECKS: Archery (Adelicya), Monster Child (Dohma), Red Tail (Maggie)

MASTERED DECKS: Advisor (Adelicya), Black Dragon (Ran), Chibisuke (Ran), Dragon Lord (xxing), Fierce (Mirai), Gakuen (xxing), Gold (Mirai), Hiken (Adelicya), Hyouton (Ran), King (Ran), Kuroashi (Adelicya), Locket (Angel), Melonpan (Angel), Mugen (Angel), Rose Whip (Ran), Shirafune (Sarah), Soul King (Adelicya), Trattoria (Angel), Quincy (Andrea)

LEVEL UPS: ( 1-2 ) Red, ( 3-4 ) Sarah, ( 5-6 ) Anrui, Cheshire ( 9-10 ) Ran

GAMES: The Weekly Games Set A have been updated this week at the Arcade!

JUMP SHOP: The Merch Shop has been updated with a new Kuroko no Basuke Gachapon! :3

Schedule for July

As you guys may or may not know yet, I'll be out of town in July for Anime Expo + a short vacation to visit family. Champion will not be receiving updates on July 2nd or July 9th, however I will put up some kind of randomizer game so that you guys can still get cards + points during the weeks while I'm gone. I will not be replying to forms until after I get back on the 12th (unless I find some downtime), so please keep this in mind when submitting forms. I will leave it up to the Game Masters at the forum as to whether or not they'd like to take a break during this 2 week hiatus as well!

Updates will resume on July 16th with a games only update. Monthly games / shop items will not be rotated in July, just because it's going to be such a short month. Instead, I'll be using the time after I return to fix some of the kinks in the TCG that I've been putting off, as well as preparing for whatever our Anniversary Events end up being! :3 I will call the June raffle and update Trade Badge Multipliers during next week's update. Please don't start submitting your collections until next week's update (it's likely you won't be getting these prizes until mid-July when I return, anyway. x_x!)

Closing Thoughts ♡

Next week will be our last update for the month before I leave in July! I'm hoping that when I get back, I can spend a lot more time with the TCG since I won't have all this cosplay/event planning to worry about anymore. ;~; If you are going to Anime Expo, please don't be afraid to say hi or wave to me! XD Maybe I'll start a thread in the forum with some details~! See you guys next week, and happy trading!

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