Last update for June!

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Out of Town / Mini Hiatus Reminder!
This is just a reminder to all traders + prospective traders that I am going to be out of town from July 1-12. Any forms received during this time will likely not receive a response until after I return. There will be no updates on July 2nd or July 9th, but on those weeks you may redeem prizes from the Hiatus Games in the Arcade. Updates will resume on July 16th. Thanks for understanding!

NEW MEMBERS: Megumi, welcome to the Champion family! ^u^/

CHAMPIONED DECKS: Dreams (Cheshire)

MASTERED DECKS: Do S Bancho (mamori), Kakarot (Woody), Tsukkomi (mamori), Wings (Cheshire)

LEVEL UPS: ( 2-3 ) Woody, ( 9-10 ) Mina

GAMES: The Weekly Games Set B & Bi-Weekly Games have been updated at the Arcade! The Monthly Raffle has been called & Trade Badges updated early in preparation for the hiatus. Hiatus Games have also been added for the weeks of July 2nd and July 9th. DO NOT play them this week--play them according to the dates assigned. Everyone suddenly earning 3 weeks worth of cards/points would flood my inbox right before vacation. :P I will try and send out reminder tweets on our usual update days!

Jump Q&A : Session 8!

Which Shounen Jump world would you like to visit, and why? One world I always thought would be great to experience is Toriko. I'm a total foodie, and I think it'd be so much fun to go on an adventure and hunt down awesome ingredients to make my "full course menu". (Although I can't say I'd have the balls to get some of the ingredients out there. ;__;) It'd be nice to just go around and eat amazing meals. *__* I dunno if I've lived life until I find out what Jewel Meat tastes like LOL.

Answer the question in the comments and you can take choice cards with the numbers 05, 15, & 20. (Cards must all be from different decks and may not allow you to master).

Turn in your June Trade Badges!

Just a reminder to turn in those end of the month trade badges at the Trade Exchange. I announced the July Multipliers early, but the same rules still apply--only trades starting July 1st will count towards July. Please use the updated form found in the Rules/Guidelines thread! Everyone will now need to include a screenshot of their trade badge collection for the month--this makes it easier for you guys to clear your collections for the next month, but still allow me to visually check your collection. :) Due to the hiatus, many of you will likely not be receiving prizes until mid-July, so I apologize for the wait!

House Cleaning!

Inactive traders have been moved to a separate page to clean up our Trader List, and has also been updated. Anyone who has not updated since before April 1st, has a missing Champion section, or has a 404 page, has been moved to the inactive list. You can reactivate by logging into your My Champion panel and reactivating your account.

Cami has been so kind to help us figure out some bugs on the TCG: fixing our "new member problem" (logging in for the first time gives you an error) and providing codes that should fix our JS problems with the Bi-weekly Puzzle and Memory games. Hopefully those work now! Let me know about any problems you encounter--they worked fine on all my browsers, but I know that doesn't necessarily mean it will work for everyone. :)

Closing Thoughts ♡

That about wraps up this month! It's going to be a little while before I update this again, but I'm hoping that when I come back from vacation, I'll feel refreshed & have much more time to work on decks for the TCG! I apologize it's really been awhile since we've had a deck release--cosplay took up almost all my free time. When I finally finished my costumes this week, I had no idea what to do with all the extra time I had, LOL. >_<;

To my fellow Americans--I hope you all have a great (and safe!) 4th of July. And of course, happy trading to everyone! :) See you in about 3 weeks!

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