Hiatus Over~!

posted by Aku on 16 Jul 2015   //   comments (16)

Hey everyone! :3 Did you miss me? Champion is finally off hiatus this week. To help me get back on track, this is a games only update, but hopefully after I get all caught up this week we'll have a more substantial update in the coming weeks.

NEW MEMBERS: Akito, mymy, Laluune welcome to the Champion family! ^u^/

CHAMPIONED DECKS: Junior (Elysa), Sensei (Elysa)

MASTERED DECKS: Bronco (Cami), Chef (Elysa), Dekorin (Cheshire), Enforcer (Red), Faint Smile (Mirai), Garden (Mirai, Lala), Housewife (Mousey), Illusionary (Mirai), Itachi (Elysa), Kakarot (Mousey), Kamesennin (Mousey), King (mamori), Locket (Cami), Mokkori (Mousey), Polkabrows (Cate), Stone Free (Mirai), Tenken (Elysa), Tettsui (Mirai)

HERO CLAIMS: Kuroo Tetsurou (Ten)

LEVEL UPS: ( 1-2 ) Kayori, Megumi, Missa, ( 2-3 ) Red, ( 5-6 ) Cate, Lala, ( 6-7 ) Cheshire, ( 9-10 ) mamori, Mousey

GAMES: The Weekly Games Set C have been updated at the Arcade!

AFFILIATES: We are now affiliated with the following TCGs! Summoner's Rift will be re-opening, and Mechanical is in the process of opening! I'll probably be joining both of these eventually... I just desperately need to clean up my TCG page. T^T;;

Jump Q&A : Session 9!

You get to go on a summer date with a Jump character! Who do you take and where? Maybe it's just because I went on a trip to Disney with my boyfriend this past week while we were in LA... but I'd totally love to take Gon on a trip to Disneyland! ;u; I guess the age difference would certainly make it more of a "taking my little brother to Disneyland" trip... but it be super fun to get on all the rides with someone as ecstatic as Gon. And I think we all know from HxH that he knows how to treat a lady on a date... ;I LOL.

Answer the question in the comments and you can have 1 free roll at the Gachapon - type "Your Name Free Chance" in the form (Aku Free Chance) so that I know you're not using any points. (If you don't want your free gacha figure, consider using it and handing off the figure you receive to someone who might want it! :) Tweet me your result and I can retweet it for you on the Champion Twitter.)

Getting back into gear!

Over the next week my main focus is to SUPER catch up on those Deck Requests and of course, catch up on the forum now that I've answered all the backlog of e-mails. It's been WAY too long since we've had some new decks here at Champion, so let's try and expect a deck update next week! In the near future, I'm also planning on writing up a calendar for myself so I can streamline the TCG a little bit better and see where I need to maybe cut back or add things. Know I've been saying I'll do all this house cleaning stuff for months... but with AX over I finally have much more free time to focus on all this! So hopefully now it will actually happen.

A few weeks ago, Kibumie also stepped down from her position at the forum due to a hectic life schedule (she'll still be playing the TCG!), so I'll probably be looking for a new staffer soon to help run our Group Mastery game! For those of you interested, please keep an eye out as I will probably make a post about it on Pirates Club once I get myself all situated. ^u^v

Closing Thoughts ♡

It's good to be back! AX was a lot of fun, I spent almost all my money in the Artist Alley and I had a lot of fun cosplaying~ unfortunately I was so busy with cosplay + friends that I didn't make it to any of the panels or events I wanted to. >_<; I did see a lot of cute cosplayers though and I met some of my favorite artists, so that's more than enough for me! I did end up getting sick with a cold during the latter half of my vacation however, I'm only feeling better as of today! So it really does feel good to be home, haha. Looking forward to catching up with you all, soon!

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