Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

posted by Aku on 20 Aug 2015   //   comments (35)

NEW MEMBERS: Ari, Bunny, fin, & Natsu welcome to the Champion family! ^u^/

CHAMPIONED DECKS: OOPArts (xxing), Shark Drake (xxing)

MASTERED DECKS: Andromeda (Ayay), Chestnut (Lethe, xxing), Copynin (Fable), Council (Cami), Dark Boots (Cheshire), Eyepatch (Cheshire), Guardian (Lethe, xxing), Gungi (xxing), Illusionary (Elysa), Irome (Mousey, Kearin), Kikoho (Mousey), Lightspeed (mamori), Melonpan (Fable), Murcielago (Adelicya), Room (Adelicya), Sensei (xxing), Sky Flame (mamori), Sonata (Cami), Soul King (Lethe), Tensai (Kearin), Trattoria (Elysa), Wednesday (Fable), Yellow Flash (Elysa), Zelda (xxing)

LEVEL UPS: ( 2-3 ) Kayori, ( 4-5 ) Kearin, ( 7-8 ) Angel

GAMES: The Weekly Games Set B & Bi-Weekly Games are in rotation this week at the Arcade.

JUMP SHOP: There's a new HUNTERxHUNTER Figure Gachapon at the Merchandise Shop! Go try your luck for some cute HUNTERxHUNTER figures! (Time to gamble away all my points on Killua... ;w;)

Happy Anniversary, Champions!

Afternoon Champions, and an official Happy 1 Year Anniversary! \( ^0^ )/ One year ago today, Champion had its grand opening! In the fleeting world of oTCGs, it's kind of amazing to think that we've been around an entire year, but I really owe it to you guys and your overwhelming passion for this TCG. Some of you have been here since the beginning, and some of you just joined this week--but all of you are equally active in this TCG & constantly inspiring me with new ideas and better ways to run it, and I'm so grateful for that! I'm really happy to have made so many friends and met so many awesome people through working on Champion. :3 It's definitely been a lot of hard work, but I really couldn't continue to do this without all of you. <3

There won't be any new decks this week, but I would like to give you guys some prizes! So please take the event card to the left (our original layout image! ;w;) and the following: choice cards with the numbers 08, 20 & 14 (each from different decks) + 5 Jump Points of your choosing. Thank you so much for being a part of this TCG and making it what it is! The rest of your Anniversary goodies, you'll need to beat out of Freeza. ;) And on that note...


Over the past 7 days, traders did a whopping 510 Damage to Freeza, bringing him down to nearly half health at just 550 HP after landing at Planet Champion last Thursday! They worked together to blast him with a Spirit Bomb, totaling 30 Damage! Today, Freeza retaliates... and seems to have evolved...?!

Freeza's Counterattack - Week 1

⦿ Freeza rolls a 06 and summons the Ginyu Force! ( +100 HP )

This brings Freeza back to 650 HP. Traders have unlocked the first three tiers of Anniversary Rewards from Freeza's base! Adelicya, xxing and Mousey were said to be leading the troops. Will the Champions be able to defeat Freeza...? What about the 100+ HP generated by the Ginyu Force? Will this inspire Mousey to finally donate Jeice and Burter? Find out on the next update of Champion TCG!

Closing Thoughts ♡

Not much else to say! I'll resume deck updates next week as most of the August Donations should all be coming in by then. There should be some revisions in the shop/voucher system in the works in the next few weeks, along with hopefully a new activity to help veteran traders do something with their enormous card collections! We'll probably be seeing these changes after the event is over so I don't totally flood myself with work to do. ;') Thanks everyone--have an amazing week, and happy trading!

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