Last Week of the Event! :3

posted by Aku on 03 Sep 2015   //   comments (26)

Afternoon Champions! Got a bit to talk about this update~ TL;DR -- We have new vouchers, Freeza is dead and all rewards have been unlocked, but we'll still be playing the event one more week (so get yourself higher up on our leaderboard! ;D) Read the lengthy update for more details LOL

NEW MEMBERS: Nova, vi, welcome to the Champion family! ^u^/

CHAMPIONED DECKS: Ho Ho Ho! (Natsu), Midori (Woody), Reihadoken (Mousey), Sniper (Adelicya)

MASTERED DECKS: Bao-Lei (Dohma), Black Dragon (mamori), Bronco (Maggie), CEDEF (Adelicya), Chef (Adelicya, Natsu), Chibisuke (momo), Collar (Cheshire), Devil’s Book (mamori), Dorobou (Adelicya), Dragon Lord (Maggie), Heaven’s Door (Mirai), Hyorinmaru (Maggie), Kokuyo (momo), Misamisa (Lethe), Refreshing (Maggie), Santoryu (Adelicya), Scheming (Maggie), Shigure (momo), Switch (Maggie), The World (Mousey), Wednesday (Adelicya), Zabimaru (Adelicya)

HERO CLAIMS: Saeba Ryo (Ayay)

LEVEL UPS: ( 1-3 ) Akito, Natsu, ( 7-8 ) Cate, Momo

GAMES: The Weekly Games Set A are in rotation this week at the Arcade. Don't forget to turn in your August Trade Points at the Trade Exchange!

AFFILIATES: We have a new affiliate, please check them out!

Upcoming Changes!! + New Vouchers :3

No new decks this week! It was a bit of an off-week for me and I was working on a lot behind the scenes. >_<; However, I do have a few announcements to make about changes coming up in the TCG, which can be read over at our lovely forum! I wanted to put it here so we can have a bit of a discussion about it, so if you'd let to get a word in please feel free to contribute to the thread! :3

Additionally, I'd like to announce our first change. I've been meaning to revamp our voucher system for some time, because as of right now we barely use the vouchers that are a part of this TCG. I realize some of these are still in use via our event prizes, but in the future you will no longer receive any koma or jump star related vouchers. Jump Stars are not being removed from the TCG, but I will be figuring out another way to grant nominations because as of right now there are very few ways to earn the cards at all. To anyone who still has koma/star vouchers, please hang onto them as they are not void!! I will give you the opportunity to switch them to other vouchers if you wish. If you still want to use them, you are more than welcome to do so. There will just not be anymore handed out by the TCG after the Anniversary Event has ended.

Our new vouchers are below--you guys may take one of each to update your trade posts with! :3 Because many parts of the Arcade are under construction (see forum post), we also do not have any Bi-Weekly Games this week, so feel free to take 8 Jump Points of your choice (4 of each type max). Leave a comment with which ones you'll be taking.

The Gachapon has already been updated to accept vouchers! I hope to incorporate both of these vouchers as prizes in our Arcade games soon!


Over the past 7 days, traders did a whopping 395 Damage to Freeza, officially finishing him off! Freeza was able to reach his final form... but it did him no good as the strong traders from planet Champion took him down!

Traders have officially infiltrated Freeza's base and captured all the Anniversary Rewards! Adelicya, Natsu and xxing were said to be leading the troops, with Adelicya landing the final blow.

KBC News and the planet of Champion TCG thanks the traders for all their hard work in taking down this dastardly foe!! Their Leader, Aku, is said to be handing out the trophies from Freeza's base next week. This is KBC News signing out!

Details on Event End

You guys managed to kill off Freeza a week early! :) Since I'm not yet prepared, I will be handing out all the prizes next week, as I need to plan exactly how we're going to arrange some of them. In addition to that, since the event was planned to last 4 weeks, I will still be counting points for the Leaderboard. This means any donations, masteries, level ups, etc. will still count for ONE more week, so get those in if you want to earn additional points for the event! :3 I will also run Spirit Bomb for one more week so you can earn points + reap the benefits of extra card income. <3 Next week, I will carefully add up everyone's points and announce the prizes for the Top 3 traders, along with handing out the tiered rewards to the entire TCG! :) Congratulations, and thanks for being so active for this event! It's been busy as hell for me, but it's also been a blast! I hope you all had fun as well.

Closing Thoughts ♡

Lots going on, so I'll be super busy the next few weeks getting all this under control... x_x!! Please be patient with me, I'm sure that I'll be scramble-headed for a little while yet, haha. Have a great final week of Anniversary Events, and happy trading!

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