September is Reward Month! :3

posted by Aku on 10 Sep 2015   //   comments (45)

Afternoon guys! Got a pretty huge update today. Hopefully I've got everything this time! @_@; Let's start off with the September event card, which I forgot last week hahaha...

NEW MEMBERS: Cassidy, welcome to the Champion family! ^u^/

CHAMPIONED DECKS: Analyst (Adelicya), dokidoki (Dohma), Hospitality (Natsu), Muscle Rider (Dohma), Skill Hunter (Elysa), Wish (Elysa)

MASTERED DECKS: Acrobatic (Kearin), Airwalk (Kearin), Andromeda (Dohma), Apple (Lethe), Bible (Natsu), Clutch Time (Adelicya), Desert Wolf (Maggie), Dreams (Mirai), Junior (Maggie), Kami no Kou (Cami), Kioku (Mirai), Kuroashi (Lethe), Lovestruck (Red), One Million (Dohma), Reigan (Cami), Retribution (Cheshire), Sanzu (Cami), Scheming (Elysa), Shaman (Sarah), Sukonbu (Natsu), Trick or Treat (Lethe), Wataame (Maggie), Zabimaru (Maggie)

HERO CLAIMS: Lenalee Lee (Mirai), Kishibe Rohan (Akito), Saitama (Woody), Seto Kaiba (Sarah)

LEVEL UPS: ( 5-6 ) Sarah, ( 6-7 ) Kearin, Red

NEW DECKS: A few new decks this week, got a bit of a backlog on that Deck Builder! If you guys are interested in trading pulls, visit this thread at the trading forum!

Everyone is welcome to take 3 cards from the decks above, no more than 1 per deck.
Donators this week, take 1 card of choice from any deck you donated.
Approved Participants from Deck Builder R14 & Deck Builder R15 may take 1 card of choice from the One Year & Chibi deck, respectively.

RULES: Leave a comment with what you've taken, and do not take any cards after this update has passed. If I see you have taken cards without commenting or taken cards after the cut-off date I will ask you to remove them. Donation/Deck Builder related pulls may not be traded.

GAMES: The Weekly Games Set B & Monthly Games (sorry I forgot last week! ;-;) are in rotation this week at the Arcade. Don't forget to turn in your August Trade Points at the Trade Exchange!

JUMP SHOP: The Point Exchange has been updated with two new bundles. Additionally, we have a 30% Off Sale at the Jump Shop this week + you can buy up to 5 Choice Cards, as part of our Anniversary Event Rewards! Take advantage of the goodies you've earned during our event and spend lots at the store this week, as the sale will only be up until next Thursday!

2015 Anniversary Event Prizes!

Rewards for the 2015 Anniversary Event are now UP FOR GRABS! v( ^_^)v Take all the prizes that apply to you and please log them in your activity log!! Thank you!

I've also included a calendar so you guys know when all the additional prizes will be rolling out over the course of the month. Please note that this is now a Double Donation month, so you may donate 2x as much as listed at our Odd Jobs page. (That means go claim some more deck donations at the forum, if you wish!) Congratulations to all our winners, and please e-mail me if you have any questions regarding your prizes. :3

Closing Thoughts ♡

Hectic few weeks at Champion! ^_^; Things will still be a little crazy here over the month as rewards roll out, but I'll mostly be focusing on some of the topics we talked about at this forum post. Would still love to hear your thoughts if you haven't gotten to it yet! <3 Thanks everyone, and happy trading!

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