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posted by Aku on 17 Sep 2015   //   comments (29)

Hey guys! :3 We've got a bit to talk about today (mostly reward related, yay!), so I'm sorry the update is quite a bit to read!

CHAMPIONED DECKS: Assassin (Red), Bad Boy (Adelicya), Foul Play (Red), Hakamori (Adelicya), Korosenai (Red), Leader (Woody), One Year (Natsu), Photon (xxing), Stardust (xxing), Zero (Dohma)

MASTERED DECKS: Akabari (Sarah), Analyst (Cami), Aries (Ayay), Blue Planet (xxing), Brain (Ten), Bronco (Ten), Chibisuke (Ari), Collar (Ari), Copynin (Cheshire), Dark Horse (fin), Firefly (Ten), Five (Sarah), Flute (momo), Goban (xxing), Joui ga Joy! (Red), Kioku (Red), N’cha! (Dohma), Scheming (Ten), Shark (Cheshire, momo), Shirafune (xxing), Shunshin (xxing), Sturdy (Natsu), Trattoria (Ten), Wings (Ari)

HERO CLAIMS: Gaara (fin), Higashikata Josuke (Mirai), Nara Shikamaru (fin), Yachi Hitoka (Ari)

LEVEL UPS: ( 1-2 ) Nova, ( 2-3 ) Ari, fin, ( 3-4 ) Natsu, ( 6-7 ) Sarah, Ten, Woody ( 7-8 ) Red, ( 8-9 ) Angel, momo, ( 9-10 ) Cheshire

GAMES: The Weekly Games Set C are in rotation this week at the Arcade. You may also play Set C games twice this week! Do not refresh the prize page--you will get the same prizes. You'll need to go back and enter your answer a second time to get double prizes. :3

Secondly, I was reminded that the Birthday Prizes included some of our old vouchers--so they have been changed to include 2 Gacha Rolls instead of a Koma Voucher. (If you already took your September birthday prizes and don't want the voucher, you can exchange it for Gacha Rolls at the forum.)

JUMP SHOP: The Jump Shop's 30% Off Sale has ended this week, so prices are back to normal! The Merchandise Shop has been updated with the new Mega Gacha! :3 This features all the gachapon figures released so far at the TCG.

Anniversary Event - Prizes!

For this week, everyone can take a choice of 10 Jump Points, in any combination. Please comment with what you'll be taking.


Additionally, if you haven't already taken them from last week, don't forget to pick up your Anniversary Prizes from the event itself! This week is the last of the prizes that will alter TCG gameplay, so next week we'll be back to our regularly scheduled Champion.

Friendly Reminder - Don't Refresh The Prize Pages!

Hey guys! I just want to remind everyone that refreshing the prize pages/replaying games for different randomizer prizes is considered cheating. I've seen it in a few traders logs (yes, all your actions with the randomizer at the tcg are recorded!), please don't do it!! I understand sometimes you forget to grab your prizes and just go back and play the game again--that's what the log is there for. Please take the prizes you get upon your first play, and if you forget, check your Log in your My Champion panel. Otherwise, I will assume you are replaying the game to get different prizes, especially if a game appears 3-4 times in your log.

We have had problems with cheating in this TCG in the past: it was a nightmare for me and we lost a handful of traders who were personally hurt by it, which is why we're so strict about it now. Please just play by the rules and save me the stress of having to approach people about it! :( Makes the TCG super unenjoyable for everyone involved.

Closing Thoughts ♡

This week was a little hectic for me with the shop sale, so I apologize there aren't any new decks this week! I've still got some koma to send out, so if you haven't received responses for forms you sent, I'll be getting to it ASAP. Got a bit of a late start today. :') <3 Thanks everyone, and happy trading!

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