End of the month! >_<

posted by Aku on 24 Sep 2015   //   comments (38)

Holy moly, where does the time go... O_O; Happy end of September, everyone! It still feels like summer here, so honestly I feel like it's still July or something LOL.

CHAMPIONED DECKS: Coach (Delphine), Drive Shoot (Delphine), Eleven (Delphine), Explosion (Lethe), Fuurinkazan (Delphine), Godaime (Lethe), Hariningen (Lethe), Lapis (Lethe), Stiletto (Dohma)

MASTERED DECKS: Bao-Lei (Sarah), Copycat (Adelicya), Elysa (Little Son), Eyepatch (Delphine), Grand King (mamori), Gunblaze (Kearin), Ice (Delphine), Narukami (Aku), Retribution (Kearin), Sukiyaki (fin)

HERO CLAIMS: Kasamatsu Yukio (Natsu)

LEVEL UPS: ( 1-2 ) Mizu, ( 3-4 ) fin, ( 5-6 ) Aku

NEW DECKS: It's KNB week apparently, so a good week in my eyes! XD If you guys are interested in trading pulls, visit this thread at the trading forum!

Everyone is welcome to take 3 cards from the decks above, no more than 1 per deck.
Donators this week, take 1 card of choice from any deck you donated.
Approved Participants from Deck Builder R16 may take 1 card of choice from Harvest.

RULES: Leave a comment with what you've taken, and do not take any cards after this update has passed. If I see you have taken cards without commenting or taken cards after the cut-off date I will ask you to remove them. Donation/Deck Builder related pulls may not be traded.

GAMES: The Weekly Games Set A are in rotation this week at the Arcade. You may now turn in your September trade points at the Trade Exchange! ALSO, apparently I never put up new multipliers for September and noooobody told me about it. XD; So we'll just use the same multipliers as last month--at the very least, it's nice because so many badges apply! Sorry guys! I promise to change them during next month's monthly rotation for October. :(

Arcade will be under construction early next week!

This week the Arcade will shut down a bit early, because I'd like to have our revamped Arcade up for next month! I will probably be taking it down around 12AM, September 29nd (CST), or when I wake up that morning, so I have a few days to get it all up, changes prizes, and test everything. Therefore, please play the Arcade games by Monday before the Arcade is "offline"! And next month, we can look forward to a healthier set of prize potential on a weekly and monthly basis. :)

2015 Anniversary Event Prizes!

I will be taking down the prize page come October, so if you haven't grabbed your prizes yet for the Anniversary Event, please do so this week!

Closing Thoughts ♡

Just a reminder to get your donations to me before next Thursday, October 1st! :3 Double donation month will also end in October, so come next month we'll be back to our 2 deck per month claims. <3 Thanks everyone, and happy trading!

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