Winter Wonderland! :3

posted by Aku on 10 Dec 2015   //   comments (27)

Afternoon Champies! I apologize that I don't have any new deck updates (especially since there won't be any in the next two weeks while I'm gone), but getting the event setup before the trip took quite a bit of time. Because I'm leaving next Monday and won't be here for the holidays to hand this out, I'm posting this early! ;w; I hope that Santa!Saitama and Genos will bring you good fortune this December.

Event Cards: event-happyholidays


MASTERED DECKS: Archery (momo), Assassin (Delphine), Bungee Gum (xxing), Coach (Kearin), Enforcer (Woody), Five (momo), Gakuen (mamori), Inspector (Kearin), Kapuchuu (Kearin), King (Cassidy), Quincy (xxing), Wrath Flame (momo), Zone (Josie)

LEVEL UPS: ( 4-5 ) Cassidy, ( 8-9 ) Megumi, ( 9-10 ) Kearin, momo

GAMES: Before you play any games, I recommend reading about the event (below) because the games you play are slightly affected by this! Play Weekly Games + Rotational Set B this week at the Arcade! Don't forget to turn in your November Trade Points at the Trade Exchange.

SHOP: There's a new Figure Gachapon at the Merchandise Shop! :3 Thanks to all of you who sent in suggestions (and xxing specifically for sending me this set!)

DOUBLE DONATION: December is now Double Donation Month, to help out with the Snowflake Point Earning (below!), so feel free to submit twice as much stuff as usual! :3 Please make any additional deck claims at the forum.

2 Week "Hiatus" starting next week!

As you guys may or may not already know, I'll be visiting family this Christmas and I'm leaving this coming Monday! I'll be out of town from December 14-27, so I'll be back before the month ends, but during those two weeks I will probably be fairly inactive with Champion. I've updated all the games this week for time I'll be gone, but please don't play them all at once. Continue to play the TCG as if I was still updating on Thursday. Here's your schedule:

December 10: Weekly + Set B
December 17: Weekly + Set C
December 24: Weekly + Set A

I will be doing my best to update our Twitter to remind you which sets to play, so keep an eye on that if you'd like! Naturally, some of you will probably also be busy during this time of the month, so if you'll be out of town and just want to get it out of the way ahead of time, feel free! But otherwise I'd really like it if you kept to the schedule. Shop items limits and stuff don't change--you can still send in forms per week, but understand I may not be able to answer them in a timely manner. ;-; Thanks guys!

Winter Wonderland Event is Out!

Our Winter Event is finally up! ;w; Sorry that it took so long... to be honest, I needed something that would still "run" while I left the TCG alone for two weeks. This event will be running at the Pirates Club (it's much easier to setup, and easier for the GMs to help me since forms will be viewable to all of us), so you will need to sign up at the forum if you haven't already! You can read all about it here--it's pretty straightforward and nothing too fancy-schmancy, but I hope you guys will find ways to have fun with it and also get some more "unusual" prizes and services out of it! <33

As thanks for being so patient with me getting up the event, you guys can have 25 bonus Snowflake Points! I'm also curious if any of you have some unique ideas for stuff to add to the shop during future updates--I already have a few of my own, but if you come up with any, post them in the comments and take 10 bonus Snowflake Points for sharing your idea!

Winter Wonderland Update: p-snowflake x25

P.S. Snowflake points don't show up in prize text, so be sure to write down how much you get for each game/donation!!

Closing Thoughts ♡

I think that's about it! Today's update was pretty big, so if you see anything that's not working or doesn't make sense, please let me know ASAP! I'll still be around until Sunday evening, so during that time I'll be helping get Mousey + (any other GMs who'd like to help) setup with the event to run it for at least the first week that I'm gone. ;__; I ask that you give the same respect to the GMs who help out with this event that you would give to me! (I know you guys will!) Please be patient, not just with this event, but with all TCGs--it's the holidays and everyone has their own obligations that come before TCGs.

And of course, happy holidays, stay warm, and I'll see you here at Champion when I get back! I'll be checking my e-mail & twitter, so don't be afraid to contact me if anything comes up. Thanks everyone! See you in 2 weeks! ^u^

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