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posted by Aku on 21 Jan 2016   //   comments (1)

Another small update this week! ;___; My apologies, I'm still playing some Champion catch-up and even up until today I'm dealing with Winter Wonderland stuff! I think it should clean itself up this week, so next week (hopefully) things will be back to normal. More info below~

NEW MEMBERS: Lee, welcome to the Champion family! ^u^/

CHAMPIONED DECKS: Razor (Red), Sorcerer (Dohma)

MASTERED DECKS: Aka (Megumi), Ao (Cheshire), Archery (Megumi), Clutch Time (Megumi), Controller (Red), Faint Smile (Red), Justice (Mirai), Lovestruck (Mirai), Mana (Red), Manager (Cassidy), Mugen (Cheshire), Necromancy (Josie), Road Racer (Natsu), Shaman (Josie), Stardust (Red)

LEVEL UPS: ( 4-5 ) ( 6-7 ) Cassidy

GAMES: Play Weekly Games + Rotational Set B this week at the Arcade! Don't forget to turn in your December Trade Points at the Trade Exchange.

Still Playing Catch-Up!

Winter Wonderland stuff is still being sent out! <3 Please just be patient while I answer up the rest of the forms (and all the other TCG stuff that has been put on hold because of it). @_@;

I know I also put Trophy Case on hiatus while our event was running--I'm not sure it'll be running at 100% next month, but I'd at least like to open it up for a Valentine's Day Trophy in February! So we'll see if we can get that slowly back on it's feet. This is just a message to anyone who was wondering where it went: I promise I didn't forget or abandon it!

Closing Thoughts ♡

I'm super sorry that we haven't had any new decks in the past two weeks, on top of the hiatus we had in December! To be 100% honest, I have a lot of personal stuff going on right now that's completely draining me of my energy, and it super sucks, but I'm optimistic and I know that the "bad days" will pass. On top of that, I've been busy getting a new freelance gig setup (which is actually good news!), but the timeline is pretty tight and I'll be super busy with it in the next few weeks. >_<; As some of you who have been here for a long time may know, not "delivering" on Champion is a really big deal to me and I hate having to sacrifice our updates...(like seriously, it fills my heart with guilt haha) but, real life must take priority and I know you all understand that! So thank you so much for your patience. :'(

I'm going to head off to the forums to knock out some of the rest of my Champion to-do list, so I hope having another week to catch up will be helpful for all of you as well. ;-; I'm sorry again for all of you waiting on your requests! Happy trading Champies! <3

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