No Update This Week! :(

posted by Aku on 30 Apr 2015   //   comments (32)

Hey guys!

I'm really sorry, but there isn't going to be an update this week! >_<; Honestly I'm not sure what it is, but the past few weeks have been crazy busy between the TCG/getting cosplay + trip plans together/work, and I haven't had the chance to sit down properly with Champion. In the past few days I've had a few friends/family get in touch with me about possible job opportunities and I've been busy this week getting my portfolio & resume all spiffed up and ready. As this is really important to me right now, I can't put the TCG before my real life and responsibilities.

That being said, I don't really like putting half-assed updates on the TCG because I feel like you guys deserve better than that! So I'm going to take this week to get my head on straight. Next week's update will be the first update of May, meaning it will be a fairly large one, so I'd really just rather take today to get my personal stuff done. This way, I can also use the time I usually set aside for Champion to work on being properly prepared for next week's update instead.

Thank you so much for your patience with me & the tcg, everyone! I rarely miss updates (I don't think I ever have--except for the rare occasion I was out of town) so I hope you guys understand! :)

No Update Prizes ♡

Since there will be no update this week, you guys can retrieve prizes from this randomizer / game page to make up for the cards you won't be able to get from games this week. It will generate cards, points & prize text, and log it in your permalog just like a regular game!

Everyone may also take 2 choice cards (from different decks, and the cards cannot allow you to master), simply tell me what you are taking in the comments. Thanks everyone! :3 Happy trading, and see you with a more proper update next week in May!

its all aye-okay. btw good luck with the job resume/interview/cosplay + trip plans etc.....

Taking mangaka14, misamisa04 thanks
by Mina @ 30 Apr 2015 04:07 pm   

I hope everything works out with your job search and your cosplay preparations! Don't worry about it!

I'm taking kira04 and misamisa05, thank you <3
by Sarah @ 30 Apr 2015 04:11 pm   

No worries Aku, thanks for letting us know! And if you happen to be busy next week too or feel stressed, don't put more pressure on yourself just to pump out an update (all the more so since monthly updates are so big). Hope you manage to set up a portfolio that's to your liking, and good luck with the job talks! :D (And juggling all the rest haha.)

I'll grab itachi09, tenken16, thank you!
by Lethe @ 30 Apr 2015 05:19 pm   

No worries!

Grabbing skyflame10, advisor05
by Adelicya @ 30 Apr 2015 05:34 pm   

Don't worry about it. Real life is always more important ^^

Took kakarot08, mokkori10

Thank you!
by Woody @ 30 Apr 2015 07:45 pm   

What everyone else said! I'm going through the same thing myself since my mom's scheduled for an in-home visit on Monday.

Choice Cards: kapuchuu03, council04.

Thank you!
by Liz @ 30 Apr 2015 08:43 pm   

as said before, real life is before the tcg life so thanks for the little update anyway~

No Update - Choice Cards: scarleteyes01, shigure13
by melinda @ 30 Apr 2015 09:26 pm   

Good luck with everything, Aku, and thanks for the small update!

Taking brain16 and pillar10
by fable @ 01 May 2015 12:01 am   

I'll be taking gakuen08 and itako15
by Cami @ 01 May 2015 02:35 am   

A break's always good for everybody. Good luck with everything, Aku!

Taking garden08 and king02
by Lala @ 01 May 2015 11:19 am   

No worries! Have a good break and best wishes with everything. :3

Snagging kasshin08, suzumebachi15. Thank you!
by Andrea @ 01 May 2015 11:33 am   

Real life is always more important ^^ Good luck with everything & thanks for the no update cards.

I've taken sukiyaki07 & quincy07 as my choice cards.
by Cate @ 01 May 2015 12:54 pm   

good luck on your job stuff!! don't worry about taking time for yourself & real life! <3

Update: pillar16, junior09
by xxing @ 01 May 2015 01:06 pm   

Thank you for the update regardless aku! :3

No Update Choice Cards: lightningrod20, advisor02
by momo @ 01 May 2015 01:12 pm   

Good luck with your job stuff! Thank you for the freebies. :>

Choice cards: shunshin10, dreams02
by Cheshire @ 01 May 2015 01:51 pm   

No worries! Good luck with your job search and life in general |D And thanks for the freebies

Choice cards: brain01, sensei01
by Anrui @ 01 May 2015 03:57 pm   

Good lucky & no worries <3

Grabbing eyepatch01, firefly13
by Reimei @ 01 May 2015 07:13 pm   

Aku! Don't worry~ just worry about your career and trip for now even if you need to extend the week! Wishing you luck with your future job work!! and hopefully preparations for your portfolio, resume, and others would go smoothly and less stress.

2 Choice Card: kiheitai18 + tenken19

thank you Aku! >____</hugs hugs hugs
by kibumie @ 01 May 2015 08:24 pm   

No problem. Go fight win!

Choice cards: sukonbu19, hige02
by Grey @ 02 May 2015 01:23 am   

Don't worry about it, hope things work out smoothly for you!

Choice Cards: pillar03, firefly02
by Ten @ 02 May 2015 03:37 am   

Aw it sounds hectic for you right now so I hope things go smoothly for you, good luck in your job search and cosplay!! Taking phantom20, decoy13, thank you!
by Wing @ 02 May 2015 07:38 pm   

Thanks for the update :) Good luck with all the stuff you're setting up, I know how that is hard. I would love to see your cosplay btw!

Takin: itako02, shirafune01!
by Myubi @ 02 May 2015 09:17 pm   

Don't worry about the update! Everyone has a real life and you deserve one as well =)

Thank you for letting us know and giving us the free cards perk =D

- No Update Choice Cards: copycat15,phantom03
by Ran @ 05 May 2015 03:13 am   

Thanks for the heads up, and don't worry about us c: we all need to take breaks sometimes, especially since it looks like you've got so much going on. Hope everything works out great!

Update freebies: aries16, five10
by Mirai @ 05 May 2015 10:57 am   

Thanks for letting us know. Otherwise I tend to check back constantly to see if I missed the update. <3

Grabbing kimagure15, irome05! Thanks!
by Kearin @ 05 May 2015 12:44 pm   

Taking melonpan12, mugen03!
by angel @ 05 May 2015 03:31 pm   

Choice Cards: kamaitachi17, redtail04

thank you!!
by Maggie @ 05 May 2015 08:38 pm   

Like everyone else said, don't worry about it, Aku! I hope everything goes well!!

I'll be taking cedef07, mind13, thanks a lot!
by Elysa @ 06 May 2015 05:34 pm   

Job opportunities are always exciting! :D Hoping for the best!

Nabbing jouigajoy14 and speartackle16
by mamori @ 06 May 2015 11:52 pm   

<3 don't worry about us!

Weekly Paycheck: faintsmile03, skillhunter18, wednesday08, cedef06, shark03, p-charm, p-strength, p-charm

Choice Cards: housewife17, kakarot13
by Mousey @ 07 May 2015 01:41 am   

Good luck with everything, Aku!

I took akuzokuzan05 and itachi17 as my choice cards. :D
by Maia @ 07 May 2015 03:24 am   

Hope everything works out fine, Aku! Good luck!

Update: 2 Choice Cards - kira13, pleasure07

by Dohma @ 07 May 2015 01:56 pm   

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