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posted by Aku on 09 Jan 2015   //   comments (18)

Evening everyone! I'm so sorry for the late update. I had some problems connecting with my FTP yesterday & I believe my host IP blocked me for security purposes. I wasn't able to access or do anything until my ticket at support was sorted out a few hours ago. I'm still not 100% sure what was wrong, so I'll be watching it the next few days, but so far so good! :( Hopefully we'll be okay from here on out.

Back on topic, I forgot to post the January event card last week! So here that is now.

Championed: Clutch Time (Neo), Hiken (Elysa), Hyouton (Elysa), Soul King (Elysa)

Mastered: Achoo! (Bloo), Acrobatic (Neo), Bible (Delphine), Chestnut (Bloo), Firefly (Neo), Gold (Dohma), Lucky Item (Neo), Mugen (Dohma), Platinum (Jun), Rose Whip (Bloo), Wataame (Sumie)

Level Ups: ( 6-7 ) Melinda, ( 7-8 ) Andrea, Bloo, Dohma, ( 8-9 ) Kibumie, Sumie

Games: Weekly Games Set C are up at the Arcade! Reminder to check the Monthly Raffle for December if you haven't already this week. (I don't always get responses for all the raffle tickets some months--so please make sure you check! :3 You never know if you may have won. If for any reason you win and do not want the prizes, please notify me--you can gift the raffle prizes to another trader!)

Secret Santa Reminder: A reminder to anyone who participated in Secret Santa--I sent out an e-mail a week ago asking traders to finalize their gift boxes with me by January 10th, which is tomorrow. I have a handful of you who have not yet done this. If you still wish to add anything + include a message for your trader, I need you to e-mail me ASAP, otherwise your gift boxes will be sent as they are right now. Sorry to any of you who have been waiting. :)

Announcement: Champion is transitioning into MyTCG!

I made an announcement on the forum earlier this week-- but if you haven't heard yet, I have been in the process the past few weeks of coding Champion to work with MyTCG! You can read more about it at this post. So far everything is going really well, and provided my host doesn't freak out on me again or I don't hit any snags with the remaining features to be coded in, I might be able to have it up as early as next week! (No promises! XD) I will keep you guys posted on Twitter/Pirate Club as there will probably be some process required getting everyone signed up on the new system. :3

To save me some work, any masteries that are processed from here on out will be recorded in the new database, and not the current card pages which I update manually. I also mentioned adding an instructional page for Bonuses this week, but those will be added to the new site instead so that I can figure out a system which will work better with our new setup. So please, do not use any Arcade Bonuses this week and hold onto them a little bit longer!

Thanks guys! If all goes well, hopefully I'll be greeting you guys on a "new site" soon! We won't be 100% at launch, but I will get us as much of the way there as possible. I'm working my butt off and super focused on this right now, so thank you for your patience and sorry for the lack of decks the past few weeks! Hopefully you guys were spoiled enough by your Secret Santas, though. ;u;

Sounds legit o-b

Eventcard: event-january2015
by angel @ 10 Jan 2015 12:15 am   

thank you for the update Aku! good luck on revamping champion *0* so excited to see it :D

taking event card + Staff Paycheck: ice08, shigure08, decoy17, switch02, p-strength, p-knowledge, p-ambition

thank you!
by kibumie @ 10 Jan 2015 02:17 pm   

taking event card thanks, cant wait to see the new updates that's going to happen
by Mina @ 11 Jan 2015 12:34 pm   

Thanks for the notice, and good luck with everything! I hope it all runs smoothly and your load lightens up; you've been doing such a wonderful job with the TCG so far, regardless. <3

Snagging event-january2015. Thank you!
by Andrea @ 11 Jan 2015 12:57 pm   

Good luck with the revamp! :D
Taking the event card: event-january2015
by Sumie @ 11 Jan 2015 01:13 pm   

Hope the move goes smoothly!!! take your time and thanks for the hard work <3

Update: event-january2015
by xxing @ 11 Jan 2015 03:22 pm   

super excited for new things to come :) i can't want to see how things end up here at champion~

Update: event-january2015
by melinda @ 11 Jan 2015 05:26 pm   

Everything that makes your life easier regarding the TCG is welcome, Aku! I can't wait to see all these changes!

Update: event-january2015
by Dohma @ 11 Jan 2015 05:47 pm   

Grabbing event-january2015

Can't wait to see the changes!
by Adelicya @ 11 Jan 2015 08:48 pm   

Good luck! :D

Snagging event-january2015

thank you!
by Michele @ 12 Jan 2015 08:33 am   

Thanks for the event card :D hope everything turns out well while transitioning into the new site!
by Mirai @ 12 Jan 2015 08:52 am   

Aku, thank you for the update :-)! I am sorry to hear about the host issues, maybe they had something that was compromised on their end? :/ So it was temporarily locked?

Good luck with the new transition, please let us all know if there is something we can help with or make easier!

Snagging the event card <3~!
by Neo @ 12 Jan 2015 02:24 pm   

Thank you for the update! Snagging event-january2015. I'm looking forward to seeing the new site live this week! :3 Hopefully everything will go smoothly.
by Ashu @ 12 Jan 2015 08:26 pm   

Can't wait to see the new site, Aku. ^^ You're always working so hard for us - hope this update will make things much easier for you in the long run!

Thanks as always! And snagging the event card~ :-D
by Bloo @ 12 Jan 2015 09:37 pm   

Congrats Aku! Hoping that myTCG will make everything easier for you in the long run! :D

As always, thank you for all the hard work you put into the TCG! Grabbing the event card!
by Chiisai @ 13 Jan 2015 01:55 am   

Excited about all the changes :)

Taking the event card ty!
by kula @ 15 Jan 2015 08:30 am   

Grabbed the event card, thanks! <3
by Kearin @ 15 Jan 2015 05:55 pm   

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