Sunday Update!

posted by Aku on 16 Nov 2014   //   comments (10)

Hey everyone! Here with the quick Sunday update. I apologize for no decks this week. I wanted to delay the update to give myself the chance to do it, but Nyquil pretty much made sure I did nothing but lie in bed and watch Netflix/play games for the past 3 days. T__T I am feeling quite a bit better, but I'm mad strugglin' to get rid of this cough!

Championed: Chef (Jane), Chestnut (Mousey), Council (Kula), Dark Horse (Jane), Darling (Mousey), Diamond (Ashu), Dynamite (Melinda), Kasshin (Kula), Mugiwara (Sloth), Sabaku (Jane), Shugoshin (Elysa), Tensai (Delphine), Trick or Treat (Kula), Zanza (Kula)

Mastered: AllSunday (Fable), Bungee Gum (Melinda), Cloud (Jane), Dark Boots (Fable), Doctor (Fable), Dorobou (Sumie), Faint Smile (Lethe), Fierce (Renako), Heaven’s Door (Kula), Illusionary (Renako), Joui ga Joy! (Kibumie), King (Neo), Pantera (Andrea), Phantom (Kibumie), Shigure (Fable), Sweet Tooth (Jane), Zangetsu (Sloth)

Hero Claims: Kujo Jotaro (Dan), Nami (Lethe), Sawamura Daichi (xxing), Tony Tony Chopper (Elysa), Vegeta (Bloo), Xanxus (Maggie)

Level Ups: (1→2) Michele (2→3) Dan (4→5) Dohma, Mirai (5→6) Fable, Renako (7→8) Kula

Games: Weekly Games Set A + Bi-Weekly Games are up (again) at the Arcade (to make up for the lack of update next week)! A quick reminder that you can play two Bi-weekly games per rotation and that you CANNOT play the same game twice, just like any other game in the TCG! (Example: You can play Memory and the Puzzle, but you can't play Memory twice. There are 5 choices. Pick 2. Play them!)

Just a quick reminder that there will be no update next Thursday due to personal reasons stated in the last update! I will still be answering forms and working behind the scenes, but replies may be slow, so please be patient. Next next week is Thanksgiving Week, which means our update falls on Thanksgiving Day. I'll be updating the site on the Friday after that, November 28th with hopefully a ton of goodies. Thanks everyone!

I’m also hoping to spend some of next week looking for ways to make the TCG easier for myself to manage, as lately it’s been really, really overwhelming and draining for me to manage all on my own. I also run this TCG without the aid of any TCG manager, so a lot of the stuff is handled manually. That is mostly due to the uniqueness of this TCG and my own lack of ability to create code to support that. XD Lately I spend 90% of the free time I dedicate to this TCG answering forms (as you can see above)—and that’s part of the reason things like decks/bettering the TCG in other areas has been so impossible. >_<; Lately the TCG really burns me out, so it’s important that I spend some time trying to find ways to make this TCG work better for me so I can focus on the things that are fun (creating activities/making decks) and less on the things that are simply time consuming!

This includes (but is not limited to) automizing some forms/processes, hiring staff in simple (but time consuming) areas and adjusting how some things work in the TCG. So if you’re interested in helping out with the TCG, keep your eyes peeled because hopefully in a few weeks we’ll have some ways that you can do so! :) Thanks again everyone and sorry for the delay in updates / lack of update in the coming week! I promise we are not going anywhere--I just need a little break to take care of some real life stuff! Happy trading and see you around!

i hope you have such a nice little 'vacation' away from the game, as well as find ways to make things easier for you. i was thinking earlier about just how many emails you have to process and wooooow- SO GOOD LUCK and i hope that cough gets out of dodge asap!

take care ;*
by melinda @ 16 Nov 2014 07:40 pm   

;_; Feel better bb! Thanks for the update. I'm sure you'll get lots of volunteers willing to help out with the TCG or create some code for you! <3
by Ashu @ 16 Nov 2014 09:17 pm   

Drinking some hot lemon and honey tea might make you feel a bit better (if only for a bit, but it's also tasty)! Good luck
by angel @ 16 Nov 2014 09:20 pm   

I hope you get to feeling better, Aku!

I wish I knew some ways to help you minimize the time the TCG takes :-(. I know it can't be easy when it starting to feel more like a chore.

Have a great week, will see in in the following week ^-^.
by Neo @ 16 Nov 2014 10:52 pm   

Thanks for the update, Aku! Hope you'll manage to streamline the TCG so you'll have much more time for yourself. D:
by Lethe @ 17 Nov 2014 01:30 am   

Thank you for the update! I hope you feel better soon <3
by Mirai @ 17 Nov 2014 10:39 am   

Damnthe cold you got Aku! D: It has lasted long enough, get well soon!

And until after the holidays, have a great time :D
by Sumie @ 17 Nov 2014 04:09 pm   

i'm glad you're feeling better aku <3
by xxing @ 18 Nov 2014 12:53 pm   

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