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posted by Aku on 25 Jun 2016   //   comments (9)

Hey guys! I'm sorry for leaving this TCG hanging with a hiatus for so long! I honestly hate it when other TCG owners do this, but it's really just as they say: life gets ahead of you and some things end up taking the back seat. :( A lot of personal stuff was going on in my life when the TCG was slowing down, and to help me sort of cope and move on from all that, I took on a ton of work to keep me busy!! For the past few months I've really just been working on freelance projects nonstop & playing with other web projects I haven't touched since I opened Champion a few years ago.

I've sort of danced around updating the TCG with news in the past few weeks: partially because I really didn't want to disappoint anyone, but I don't plan on continuing Champion in it's current iteration. ;__; This TCG is super near and dear to my heart, I've made so many friends through it and I've learned a lot just running the game. However, I know from experience that TCGs tend to have a shelf life. There really is very little I can do to make it as "active" of a TCG as it once was, and also make it worth the effort I'm putting in every week to update it. TCGs are an intense labor of love--they can consume as much time as a full time job if you let it!

This all being said--I've been toying with the idea of creating a general anime character TCG with some of the more popular elements of Champion included, and some new ideas that I've had--but I cannot promise how soon that might come around. :) But if that sounds interesting to anyone (not sure how active the TCG world is currently or what's on the horizon as far as new TCGs go--fill me in!!) then let me know, because the most difficult thing about creating TCGs is normally just gauging interest! I know for awhile there's been kind of a lack of general anime games in the TCG world that only Champion really filled--so if that's still the case then I think it's not a bad route for me to take if there's enough interest. :3

More than anything, I just want to say thank you to everyone who has made Champion the game it is!! It's really you traders who kept this TCG alive for much longer than most TCGs hang around, and I'm so grateful for each and everyone of you. ;~; A super special thanks to all the staff members who have helped me throughout the years--I really couldn't have done it without you guys and you've all helped me a ton with not just running the TCG, but with coding, ideas, moral support, etc. Thank you so much for the time you spent on Champion. :( <333 I'm also super sorry to everyone who's messaged me in the past months asking when we'd be back or if we'd re-open because you wanted to join: Champion was truly a treasure to run, but I am looking forward to the prospect of taking all I've learned here and putting it towards something new. I hope that if I do, I'll see all of your lovely faces there too! :3

If you'd like to keep in touch with me, I'm pretty active on Twitter and would love to stay in contact!! Hit me up with a follow @buttonmash. You know I'll be your Shounen Jump/TCG sistah... :I LOL <33 Otherwise, hopefully we'll meet at another TCG soon!

Thank you so much everyone, for all the time you spent here at Champion & also for you're understanding! I'm gonna miss all my Champies, but it's not goodbye--just see you later! ;~;

Hey!! I'm not sure where else I can tell you this because I love to word vomit when given the chance-- but I just wanted to say thank you for all the work and effort you put into not only creating this TCG but keeping it running for as long as it did! I totally understand where you're coming from as a TCG owner myself and I don't think you made a bad decision.

I was a fairly new member and I wasn't as active towards when the mini hiatus started but I checked on this TCG every once in a while prior to joining, and could see how much was put into it which was really inspiring tbh, especially as I slowly worked on my own anime TCG in the background lol. That being said, I don't think there can ever be too much of something so if you ever decide to open an anime character TCG and there are already other anime-related TCGs, I think you should still go for it if that's what you want to do! I'd definitely be interested in another TCG of yours, especially if it was anime, and I'm sure there are tons of others who think the same.

Anyways! I just wanted to let you know that it's totally okay to make the decision that you did. I'm sure it wasn't an easy one but moving forward is important and if that's what you think you need to do for that, then so be it! Thank you, again, for everything you've done for Champion!! It was really fun, even in the short time I was a member. I hope everything is going well for you, too!! c:
by Cassidy @ 25 Jun 2016 09:24 pm   

Even though I am sad that Champion is closing, I will always be waiting for your next TCG. Every TCG I have ever played that was ran by you (Juusan, Countdown, Champion) were some of my all-time favorites. I hope you return sooner than later with a new TCG. If you make a general Anime character TCG, I'll be running with my pile of Hokuto no Ken donations as fast as I can.
by Ayay @ 26 Jun 2016 11:09 am   

Ahhhh, Aku! I just wanted to thank you for all of the love and hard work you put into Champion! As the game that got me into the whole TCG world in the first place, I'll always think back on it super fondly ;___; Best of luck with your freelance projects, and I can't wait to see you come back with another fun game! (':
by Natsu @ 26 Jun 2016 04:54 pm   

This is a bit late, but YOU. AKU. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR RUNNING SUCH AN AWESOME TCG!!! As a player, I probably only get to see something, like, 30% of the time, effort and work that goes into running a game as big and creative as Champion. But I know you—and the rest of the staff—put your all into the game behind the scenes, and I'm so grateful for everything you've done to make the TCG so awesome and so enjoyable to play!

As for a general anime character TCG, I would be interested! To be honest, though, you could make a TCG about, I don't know, soup cans and I'd probably still join, ahahaha.

Best of luck to you and your future projects—I'm definitely looking forward to them! And, again, thank you so much for running such a fantastic TCG! It truly stands as a CHAMPION among games. /IS SHOT

:D <33333
by Andrea @ 01 Jul 2016 05:01 pm   

I'm with everyone else - I'll be on board regardless for the next game! I can't wait. <3 Champion was an absolute blast and I'm so glad I got to be a part of it and collect SO MANY DECKS that never would've made it into another TCG. ;w;
by Mousey @ 02 Jul 2016 01:29 pm   

AHHHHH thank you guys for dropping in and leaving so many sweet comments! ;www; I read through all of them and felt teary eyed--Champion was always a pleasure to keep running for all of you! <33 I know a lot of you are running TCGs yourself, so maybe I'll pop by and play (onceIcleanupmytradepost), otherwise I promise we'll meet on another fun game soon! *3*
by Aku @ 02 Jul 2016 04:45 pm   

Holy cocsine data batman. Lol!
by Susy @ 06 Aug 2016 04:22 pm   

Can't wait to see another game you can think off. I did have so much fun with this TCG and I want to say BIG THANKS for all you did.
by Mina @ 10 Aug 2016 02:19 pm   

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