2-3 Week Hiatus!

posted by Aku on 21 Apr 2016   //   comments (0)

Hey everyone! There's not really an update today, but I would like to direct everyone to this SUPER TL;DR forum post: regarding Champion's Future. I've shared some of the survey results from last week, as well as my perspective & plans for a 2-3 week hiatus I'll be taking from Champion to essentially work out the kinks and figure out if this TCG is still what I want to pursue--or if I'd like to take the foundation of the TCG and use it to build something new. :) More details in that forum post, so please check it out if this is something important to you!

OTHERWISE, further updates will come in about 2-3 weeks, depending on where I end up on how I'm feeling. Thanks everyone for your patience and understanding! I'll be keeping active on the forum regarding this topic, so please feel free to check back there! I'll also utilize our twitter for any important announcements. <3

I'm sorry this is so sudden, but as the TCG is in a relatively low activity state anyway, I feel that it isn't going to hurt us too much to take this break while everyone is busy anyhow! I'll be busy getting my hands dirty with all this figuring out I'll be doing. See you all on the flipside for now! :3

Activities Open During Hiatus

To anyone who wants to play, the Weekly Games are still available to play once a week during the hiatus! You may also buy Gachapon if you wish. All other TCG areas (such as the shop & custom items, which require me to answer your form) will be closed. Thanks!

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