Bye March~!

posted by Aku on 31 Mar 2016   //   comments (0)

Holy moly... March has been a really hectic month. :(

NEW MEMBERS: Pi-Face, welcome to the Champion family! ^u^/

LEVEL UPS: ( 3-4 ) Lee

GAMES: Play Weekly Games + Rotational Set C this week at the Arcade! Also, you can now begin to turn in Trade Points for March at the Trade Exchange. :3

JUMP SHOP: The Merchandise Shop has been updated with a new Naruto gachapon, dattebayo!

AFFILIATES: There have been a few new TCGs that I've affiliated Champion with, that I've neglected to plug the past few updates! So instead, here's a big affiliate plug for the ones I've added recently. Go check them out! ;w;

Closing Thoughts ♡

Been dealing with so much drama & personal stuff lately that I've done nothing but bury my nose in work and play video games to distract myself... I'm hoping to have some new decks next week during our big monthly update. ;~; Thanks for your patience everybody. As it's the last update for the month of March, please remember to do all the last minute monthly things you need to! (Buy bundles, play monthly games, etc etc.) Happy trading everyone. <3

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