The sight of new decks fills you with determination...

posted by Aku on 28 Jan 2016   //   comments (22)

Oh boy! @_@; It's been a pretty busy week work-wise, but I managed to take some time for Champy today! Sorry for the delay on a lot of e-mails and forum stuff. I caught up to most of my e-mails, forum stuff may need to wait until the weekend as I still have some work to tackle before the week is up! (Please get your Winter Wonderland stuff into me this week, if you can... or I'll be filling requests until next December LOL.)

CHAMPIONED DECKS: Devotion (Natsu), Muay Thai (Adelicya)

MASTERED DECKS: Collar (Delphine), Dorobou (Mirai), Emperor (Delphine), Fierce (Elysa), Kattobingu (fin), Little Son (xxing), Pillar (Elysa), Sidekick (Elysa), Scarlet Eyes (Adelicya), Space (xxing)

LEVEL UPS: ( 7-8 ) Josie

NEW DECKS: I finally managed to make some decks... it was super last minute though, I didn't start until last night. ^_T; I'm also really amused that Number 2 & Villager B came out in the same week... haha. If you guys are interested in trading pulls, visit this thread at the trading forum!

Everyone is welcome to take 3 cards from the decks above, no more than 1 per deck.
Donators this week, take 1 card of choice from any deck you donated.
Approved Participants from Deck Builder R21 may take 1 card of choice from Snow Day.

RULES: Leave a comment with what you've taken, and do not take any cards after this update has passed. If I see you have taken cards without commenting or taken cards after the cut-off date I will ask you to remove them.

GAMES: Play Weekly Games + Rotational Set C this week at the Arcade! You may now begin to turn in January Trade Points at the Trade Exchange.

Closing Thoughts ♡

I hope you've all been well! I apologize for paying minimal attention to the TCG lately... life is finally flowing at a more regular rhythm for me, but I've been trying to work a lot more stuff into my day so I've been running out of time for things. ;___; I started running again now that the weather warmed up to be... not freezing, and I'm so tired every night that I can barely even play video games before I pass out, haha. I also got really addicted to Don't Starve and I spent a lot of hours grinding on that last week when I wasn't working. !__!;; Tbh that's probably what I'm going to do right after this update...

In any case, I'll keep working on scheduling in some time per day for Champion! I think when it comes to running TCGs there are just moments where you're in it to win it!!!, and moments where it's enough to just go with the usual flow. Lately I'm in a bit of a funk and just not very motivated to work, it seems. ;__; Hopefully actually having a fresh set of decks this week will spice stuff up a bit though! I can't believe February is already here... happy trading everyone!

thank you for the update!

taking for the moment : villagerb05, villagerb15, number207, number204, snowday19
by Delphine @ 28 Jan 2016 05:04 pm   

Thanks for the update!

Release: number214, tobiume05, snowday18
by Cheshire @ 28 Jan 2016 09:31 pm   

Update freebies: villagerb12, wabisuke05, snowday09

thank you! the yachi deck is super cute :'D
by Mirai @ 30 Jan 2016 09:14 am   

New Decks: snowday02, villagerb07, number204
Deck Builder: snowday03

thank you!
by fin @ 30 Jan 2016 02:42 pm   

taking just these for now!
New Decks: villagerb14
Donator: snowday17
by Maggie @ 30 Jan 2016 06:52 pm   

Thanks! I've taken number206, tobiume05, snowday18
by Cate @ 31 Jan 2016 09:49 am   

Thanks for the update!

New Decks: number205, snowday02, villagerb07
by Cassidy @ 01 Feb 2016 12:14 am   

New Decks: villagerb05, number201, snowday14, snowday08

thanks for the update!! <3
by xxing @ 01 Feb 2016 10:15 am   

Grabbing villagerb07, wabisuke13, and snowday02!
Thanks for the update!
by Lee @ 02 Feb 2016 07:30 pm   

New Decks: villagerb09, snowday09, snowday18, number220

by Red @ 03 Feb 2016 07:12 pm   

Thanks for the update !

Taking for now :

New decks : number215, villagerb03
Deckbuilder : snowday01

I'll come back later for the last one
by Megumi @ 03 Feb 2016 07:49 pm   

Thanks for the update, Aku! Just take it easy, wouldn't want you to get burned out from forcing to do things!! >:

I'm taking number219, snowday12, snowday14, villagerb08, thank you!
by Elysa @ 04 Feb 2016 05:29 am   

Thank you!
Update: number216, snowday12, snowday15, villagerb19
by Natsu @ 04 Feb 2016 09:33 am   

New decks: villagerb04
Thank you!
by Ari @ 04 Feb 2016 12:34 pm   

New Decks: villagerb14, number208, tobiume10

Thank you!
by Anrui @ 04 Feb 2016 01:04 pm   

Taking snowday13 as the last one !
by Megumi @ 04 Feb 2016 01:06 pm   

I'll grab wabisuke01, villagerb18, number213, snowday16, thank you.
by Lethe @ 04 Feb 2016 01:09 pm   

Grabbing villagerb16 and snowday04
by mamori @ 04 Feb 2016 01:26 pm   

And number202!
by mamori @ 04 Feb 2016 01:28 pm   

New Decks: number215, snowday05, villagerb10
Deck Builder R21 Pull: snowday15

Thanks for the update, Aku!
by Dohma @ 04 Feb 2016 02:01 pm   

New Decks: tonryuu10, royalty04
Donator: tonryuu19, royalty18
by Maggie @ 04 Feb 2016 04:40 pm   

New decks:
snowday06, ironheart18, number218

Thanks. :D
by Josie @ 04 Feb 2016 06:30 pm   

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