Champion TCG


Champion TCG is an online trading card game run by Aku focused on the heroes and villains of shounen manga, published by the long-running and popular Shounen Jump. Anime/Manga focused TCGs are really not few and far between, but here we'll focus on the best and brightest of the shounen world! Champion will do it's best to cater to all kinds of fans, covering classics like Dragon Ball, old school romances like Kimagure Orange Road, and new and popular sports anime such as Haikyuu!!

The TCG has a fun "adoption/member deck" mini-game: The Champion Deck. Otherwise, it's pretty standard! It's got a bit of competitive aspect to it to live up to the Shounen Jump name, so traders who are into that can enjoy battling it out with their fellow traders, while more casual traders can have fun simply collecting their favorite decks.

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