Champion Image Donation Guidelines! (・∀・ )ノ

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Champion Image Donation Guidelines! (・∀・ )ノ

Postby Aku » Wed Oct 07, 2015 8:29 pm

Hey guys! :wave: I wanted to write up a guide for general TCG image donation tips & guidelines, specifically geared towards Champion! This is to supplement the general Donation guidelines of the TCG, but should hopefully help those of you understand what TCG Owners/Deck Makers are (and aren't) looking for in donations!


As you guys may or may not already know, image quality is really highly valued at Champion and we're known for our high quality decks! I usually prefer to take from one medium per deck (all anime screenshots / all manga scans), but am open to mixing and matching if images of certain characters are scarce using just one source.

In general, these are the mistakes I see happen most often in deck donations, so please try to avoid the following mishaps and we'll all be happy campers:


✖ Edit or crop an image in any way before sending it. I always fix the levels/colors of an image and usually apply filters to an entire deck, you do not need to do this yourself. Just send me the base image to work with.

✖ Send me the thumbnail instead of the full version. Full version is always better, it allows for a larger variety ways of cropping the image!

✖ Send me three duplicates of an image. Sometimes it is the same picture with a different background. Please just double check, it saves me time to not have to go hunting for images on google. :(

✖ Send me 25 caps from one scene of a character blinking and flapping his mouth. PICK A VARIETY. If you are too lazy to cap it yourself, gather a variety of high quality caps found on wikis, anime blogs, tumblr or google.


Screencap quality tends to be relative to the time period (screencaps from the 80's-90's just aren't going to live up to today's HD standards).

YES: Generally, something of at least this quality or higher for screencaps (especially if they are from recent anime!) makes the best decks. For older anime, non-blurry caps like this or this will work fine.

NO: Blurry/pixelated images, edited images (especially gifs! wtf) found on Tumblr, stuff covered in subtitles, etc. Also, most importantly, if you are taking the caps yourself from a DVD or downloaded video using a program: watch your aspect ratio. It could mean the difference between Hinata and a pancake.


The go-to place for high quality scans is Minitokyo. Please be aware that not all images on Minitokyo are official (there are doujin scans there) so check the source to make sure it's credited under the mangaka / animation studio / whatever. If you plan to take your images from Minitokyo, please do not send me the preview version, but the full-sized version you get from clicking those! ;) Believe you have to sign up in order to access full-size images, but it's worth it... because if you send me the crappy thumbnail version I will not accept your donation. :P

YES: Large scans (like those at Minitokyo) are the pinnacle of quality and always work well, but even smaller images like this or this are perfectly acceptable so long as they are of crisp and clear quality.

NO: Grainy scans (sorry I don't have a Jump example! XD), magazine/manga/jump scans covered in text (especially if it covers the characters and will be difficult to edit it out), holographic cards (holographics just don't translate that well into a scan), etc.


For situations where a Jump series is not yet an anime, or maybe the manga just has better art, manga scans are perfectly acceptable. The manga scan deck is kind of a hit or miss, because it's really dependent on the line and shading quality of the mangaka. Stuff that's really detailed (like Tenjou Tenge or JoJo) sometimes loses detail in a small card, and manga with really fine linework (like DOGS) almost disappear when they get resized to a card template. It takes some experimentation on my part to figure out how to make it work for each mangaka, so it's best to send LOTS of images of a different variety (close up, far away, detailed, simple, etc).

YES: large solo shots, more simplistic, close-up shots not covered by text, officially colored scans work too!

NO: Honestly, just don't send me stuff that is way too covered in speech bubbles and it will be okay. Most of you will be taking these from scanlations online where the quality is usually good because it's already been fixed up by cleaners. Anything that matches the above quality will work. (TL;DR pls do not send Duwang quality scans.)


I hope this helps any of you who are new to TCGs and want to know what kind of images TCG owners are looking for! :wave: If you have any additional questions, don't be afraid to ask. If you want to check your picture quality with me, you're always welcome to send over examples before you fully commit to capping decks or collecting manga scans for a character! :happy:
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