Monthly Raffle

Objective: Our monthly raffle is a way to help promote member participation. Each month Champion will be holding a raffle, in which traders earn raffle tickets by different means of participation (see below) in order to have a better chance at winning something during the drawing at the end of the month. An example of a raffle ticket can be seen here:

Each month will feature a different image and date (MM.YY) in order to differentiate between months. Here are the different ways in which you can earn raffle tickets:

- Referring a member to Champion
- Completing an Odd Job
- Possible prize at the end of the month from Trade Badges
- Leveling up
- Mastering a Deck
- You may also buy raffle tickets at the Point Exchange

I will call four numbers at the end of the month, and any trader with a matching raffle ticket can cash it for the particular prize!

July Prizes

Below are the prizes for the past month, winning numbers generated by the RNG. When winning numbers are announced, the tickets here will be updated to show the respective winning numbers.

Prize 1 - #032

Prize 2 - #027
1 Choice Card Voucher
Double Points Boost
5 Jump Points of Choice
1 Choice Card Voucher
Point Converter Boost
5 Jump Points of Choice

Grand Prize #054

Jump Star Prize #083
2 Choice Card Vouchers
Arcade Boost
5 Jump Points of Choice
1 Jump Star Nomination
1 Choice Card Voucher
5 Jump Points of Choice

Redeem Winning Tickets

You can redeem your Raffle Ticket prizes up to a month after the prizes have been announced. Do you have a matching raffle ticket? Please fill out the form below and cash them in for your prizes!

Trade Post URL:
Matching Ticket(s):

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