Champion Arcade

Welcome to Champion Arcade! (。◕ ∀ ◕。) Here you can play games and earn cards, points & prizes. We have numerous sets of games updated every week, with varying levels of difficulty to appease every kind of trader. Come on in!

➡ INPUTTING ANSWERS: Include NO capital letters, punctuation or spaces. (Example: "monkeydluffy" and "onepiece").
➡ HELPFUL HINT: All characters/series used in games have a deck in this TCG! Write any names/series as shown on our Deck List.
➡ GETTING STUCK?: The forum has an Arcade Help section for any pesky questions you're stuck on!

Weekly Games

Last Updated 04/14

Play once every week! Card related prizes may vary based on chance, but the first five games give out one type of point prize each (Ambition, Charm, Laughter, Knowledge & Strength), win or lose!

Game Description
Lottery Choose numbers & see if you get lucky.
Memory Match Test your memory by pairing up images!
Hangman How well can you identify Jump characters?
Slots Everyone's favorite reload button-breaker!
Prize Wheel Spin the wheel for prizes!
Freebies Free cards for you, once a week! :3

Rotational Games - Set B

Last Updated 04/14

This week's updated Rotational Set! We have 3 sets of rotational games, and update one set a week. These games are more difficult than the Weekly Games, but yield better prizes!

Game Description
Mystery Scene Which anime is this scene from?
Super Powers Guess the character based on their powers!
Warped Card Something happened to this card!
Puzzle Put together a regular-sized puzzle.
Who Said It? Can you figure out who I'm quoting?
Lucky Card Do you own any of these cards?

Miss an update? New member? Click here to view the other Rotational Sets!

Monthly Games

Last Updated 04/07

Game Description
Birthday Rewards Is it your birthday this November? Grab your present here!
Trade Badges Sign up for our monthly Trade Badge activity.
Missing Person Can you help us find this missing character with this vague clue?
Spot the Difference Find the differences in these two photos!
Puzzle (Maniac) Put together a large, difficult puzzle.
Name That Tune! (Maniac) Guess the OP/ED tune based on a monthly theme!

Forum Games

Updated Weekly

Game Description
Group Mastery Work on mastering a deck together with the TCG.
Deck Builder Work together with traders to build a monthly themed deck for the TCG.
Pirate Plunder Plunder the cards from former members of the Pirates Club!

Ongoing Activities

Game Description
Trophy Case Win custom badges by playing Champion's twist on "mini masteries"!


Game Description
TCG Boost Activation Need to activate a boost you received? Do it here.

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